Sunday, November 10, 2013

Walk Your Talk -Personal Experience at Labyrinth Training with Dr.Lauren Artress

San Francisco in and of itself is a magical place.  It was proabably over an hour of my first walk down the streets of China Town and North Beach before I heard a word of English.  People of all colors, of all sizes, of all ethnicities walked with intent on the street while tourists meandered like me.  Here is is November and my first purchase was a baseball cap because the sun was beating dowon on my thinly covered scalp.  I wandered with anticipation about what these next two days would hold.  I was curious as to why I was here now.  
Yes,  I know I chose to come here.  But there have years of training and I have designed and conducted several Labyrinth workshops on my own already.  So, why here, why now?   I opened the door to the room to find Lauren Artress preparing and I said, "Hello Lauren," as if I knew her.  From that moment on I entered a space that unfolded piece by piece. 
We used Seven Whispers by Christine Baldwin as our text and I certainly would recommend The Lily and the Lotus by Janet Conner (which I used to prepare myself for this time).  We sat in a circle and told stories, stories about who really were, not what we did for a living.  We told stories of heartbreak and joyful experiences. We connected to our source deep within and to each other.
At one point yesterday, I was expressing my doubt, and said "Really, God.  Is this what you really want?"  Lauren looked at me and said,  "The question is, what is it Robin wants?"  It became chrystal clear in that moment.  I want to conduct life changing workshops using the Labyrinth and other metaphors of healing, that bring the best out of people so that they can be about the business of making a differencei in the world.  I want to transition my practice to workshosps and twenty minute coaching.  
I have been working over the past few weeks on a new project, The Twenty Minute Coach.  I will  be premeiring the program in January and I am excited that my practice is morphing into something new.  It is an evolution.  Those of you in my practice, do not get scared.  I am not going anywhere and you may not notice the change, and the changes you do notice will be positive.  Life is always changing and if we allow ourselves, we can be transformed through those changes.  We can resist.  I did not know how much resistance I had on board until yesterday, but In A Moment's Notice yesterday, my direction changed.  I will be resposting some old blogs on the labyrinth andI will be doing, "Walk a DIrect Path in 2014 on January 11, 2014.  For those of you ready to experience the Labyrinth as a transformative tool can go to my website and sign up today for that workshop.  More blogs to