Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Get your ZEUS on!  ZEUS was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology.  He was known as the lord of the sky and the rain god and his weapon was a thunderbolt.  ZEUS, in his deity, was an advocate for the underdog and a thunderous presence against the bad guys.  If you recognized the ZEUS power within you, you too could be an advocate for those around you.  As ZEUS you could advocate for positive change because you have a passion for certain things to change.  As ZEUS you can act on your own behalf and use ZEUS like thunder to accomplish change in your own life.  ZEUS was the god of the sky thus it gave him great perspective on all that he viewed.  ZEUS used his perspective with wisdom.  When you have a perspective on something that could make a situation better do you use it or do you remain silent?  Or are you easily discouraged when others criticize your idea or ask difficult questions?  ZEUS found answers for difficult questions and was never discouraged by criticism.  His inner passion moved him to action in powerful ways and the other gods respected him.  Some gods feared him and stayed out of his way.  Other gods were jealous of his power and sought to fight him, but ZEUS prevailed.  ZEUS was a wise warrior and lived his life according to that wisdom.  You can too.

Monday, September 29, 2014



 Being YOUTHFUL has its privileges.  YOUTHFUL is important but not paramount.  The goal as you age is to stay YOUTHFUL and happy.  Being YOUTHFUL does not require plastic surgery nor Botox.  Being YOUTHFUL is a state of mind and activity. The more active you stay the more YOUTHFUL you will be.  Movement is the key to maintaining YOUTH. The phrase, “act your age,” is intended make kids act like adults, so perhaps you think acting YOUTHFUL is showing immaturity.   A little immaturity won’t hurt you.  If you want to wear clothes that are intended for younger people, wear them proudly and with taste.  For instance, let your capris take the place of your shorts but be stylish with them.  Get a YOUTHFUL haircut.  Practice a YOUTHFUL walk.  Be around YOUTHFUL people.  If you are feeling like an old person then it is time to get out and be around YOUTHFUL people to help you remember life can be fun. Life can be fun if you get off of the sidelines and into the center of it. Rejoice in whatever number your chronological age is and live it well.  Your age number should never define you.  With each year you add wisdom.  As long as you keep moving, stretching, walking, dancing, and exercising you are investing in a YOUTHFUL presence.  If you are bored perhaps it is because you are not acting YOUTHFUL or trying new ideas.  Trying something new that you have never done before and let your YOUTHFUL self help you explore new territory. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

In a Moment's Notice: 2014 Twenty Minute Coach-Your Life A-Z: YOUR LIFE A-Z:XANDU

In a Moment's Notice: 2014 Twenty Minute Coach-Your Life A-Z: YOUR LIFE A-Z:XANDU



XANADU is a place of great beauty. XANADU is the name of Kublai Khan’s summer home in South East Mongolia.  Where is your XANADU?  In many of the previous blogs, the Twenty-Minute Coach has spoken about the need to have a special place in your home that makes you want to be in that space.  XANADU is a perfect name for that space.  XANADU goes beyond ordinary beauty and speaks of luxury.  Part of this A-Z process is to provide you with motivation to take care of yourself in very positive and enriching ways. The last “E” word was exquisite.  XANADU speaks to the luxury of EXQUISITE and is a definitive space and place.  Create your XANADU place.  Perhaps, you don’t even know how to start decorating a place of XANADU in your home and maybe you feel too overwhelmed to start.  First, make a decision you deserve XANADU.  Second, choose a space in your home (or outside garden area) that you want to transform.  Once you decide where XANADU will be created then ask, “What do I really want in that space?”  Do I want a comfy chair, where I can read and meditate?”  How about lighting?   Proper light is necessary to lift your spirit.  What colors do you want in your space?  And what art-work do you want on the walls?  Next take a look at Pin Interest, decorating magazines or websites.  Pull some pictures together that represent XANADU to you and sit with them for a couple of weeks while your ideas begin to take XANADU form.  Enjoy.

Saturday, September 27, 2014



When is an important word because WHEN allows us to put a start and stop time on any project.  Without the word WHEN added to any project, idea, or dream usually nothing happens.  WHEN are you going to change?  WHEN are you going to eat healthy? WHEN are you going to save money?  WHEN are you going to make new friends or get out of your rut?  Are these questions making your feel guilty or are they motivating you?  WHEN can be a motivating word that gets you up off of the couch and out into the life you want to live.  Stop being so afraid of new experiences and procrastinating.  WHEN are you going to stop being bossed around by your fear?  WHEN are you going to take charge of the changes you want to make in your life and make those changes?  There is not better time than right now to get started.  You are reading this blog for a reason.  Get up and do something active about your goal or dream right now, even if it is making a post-it note and placing it on the door you go out of every morning.  Let the post-it note read,  “Do one thing to reach your goal today.”  Maybe you need a post-it note on your door to remind you of what your goals are and be sure to place a due date on each of them.  The word WHEN is an important tool for success.

Friday, September 26, 2014



Placing yourself in someone else’s shoes is the beginning of VICARIOUS action that leads you to empathy and compassion.  Imagining yourself in the same predicament as someone else allows you to VICARIOUSLY feel, think, and act on behalf of another person.  Acting as a substitute for someone else broadens your perspective and enables you to understand someone else’s suffering or pain.  Have you ever had the experience of seeing a bad car-wreck and imagining how the victims were hurting and scared?  That is a VICARIOUS moment.  When you watch a movie and the movie elicits deep feelings for the actors you are experiencing a VICARIOUS moment.  When you see someone else being hurt or bullied and you step in, not only are you acting from compassion, but also you are motivated to step in because you understand VICARIOUSLY how awful bullying feels.  VICARIOUS moments provide us with opportunities to grow and practice Ubuntu.  The next time you find yourself looking away from a homeless person or ignoring a disabled person, stop yourself and see if you can have a VICARIOUS moment.   Ask yourself, “What would I want to hear right now if I were in his/her shoes?” Maybe just eye contact and a gentle hello are better than pretending the disabled person is invisible.  Your face says a lot in moments like those.   Don’t let fear prevent you from practicing a VIGARIOUS moment.  If you will practice VIGARIOUS moments, you will begin to feel more alive and present to yourself and others.