Monday, September 15, 2014




Perhaps it is time to learn a little from our Jewish friends.  Even if God did not hand deliver the written KOSHER laws to the Jewish people, perhaps the Higgins-Boson, placed the food preparation ideas into the hearts and minds of people back in the day.  If you read the KOSHER rules on food preparation, they make perfectly good sense, especially prior to refrigeration.  I found the KOSHER law on the preparation of meat particularly educational.  It says that animals need to be slaughtered in a way that does not cause the animal pain.  Thus, again if we are all interconnected it would be appropriate not to cause pain when taking the life of an animal to provide for our dinner tables.  Also the mixing of certain foods is not allowed.  It seems to be that KOSHER preparation of food is mindful preparation of food and that great care goes into the KOSHER kitchen to mindfully prepare a meal fit for human consumption.  The word KOSHER also means proper and appropriate.  For instance, it is not KOSHER to cheat someone out of his or her well-deserved wage.  The proper and appropriate action is to pay people a just wage for the work he/she does.  Sometimes laws protect us and sometimes our laws protect bad people.  We do not always see eye to eye on certain issues, but it is important to keep KOSHER and be mindful about the lifestyle we live.  Being KOSHER will help us stay mindful

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