Wednesday, September 10, 2014



The FUTURE is a space in time that is not yet.  The decisions you make today affect your FUTURE.  The choices you make today help create your FUTURE.  However, it is useless to worry about the FUTURE and absolutely silly to think that you can control the FUTURE by the choices and decisions you make today.  The FUTURE is full of the unknown.   Being anxious about the FUTURE serves you no purpose other than to damage the presence of today.  The fact remains that the FUTURE is a double-edged sword that must be prepared for but not counted on.  If we live for the FUTURE, truly you miss the joy of today.  If you ignore the FUTURE completely then perhaps you are living recklessly in the present.   The Twenty-Minute Coach has posted quite a bit about finances, health, and the necessity to have a well-planned and structured life to obtain the most out of today.  If you ignore planning today then you will be like a careless squirrel that has no food for winter and becomes a victim to the fox who is lurking and waiting for the hungry squirrel to come down from his tree in search of food.  If you prepare for the FUTURE by being wise about money and health today then you will be prepared to weather the storms of weather, health and stock markets of the FUTURE.   Being grateful today makes the Future a brighter and happier place to be tomorrow. 

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