Monday, September 1, 2014


As the Twenty Minute Coach has said, “X” words are complicated and practical ones are hard to find, but XENODOCHY is a very useful word for each of us to practice. XENODOCHY means hospitality.   It is easy to forget that we are a community on this planet and that we need each other.  Little things like offering a homeless person a bottle of water are an act of XENODOCHY.    A hand gesture inviting someone to take our seat or letting someone go in front of us at the check out line are also acts of XENODOCY.   Practicing XENODOCY on a daily basis is an important value to cultivate in our daily life.   Most of us have been on the other end and needed and act of XENODOCY and remember how awful it felt to be overlooked or not invited to participate in an important event.  Those hurt feelings were very painful at the time.  It does hurt when others do not practice XENODOCY.  Thus think ahead and ask, “What will our guests need while staying with us?”  Be observant to the needs of others around you and ask yourself, “What act of XENOCOCHY can I practice right now?”    Acts of XENODOCHY are important to practice in order to make our world a kinder more positive place to live. We can walk around in a selfish stupor or we can get outside of our individual narcissism and think about what others need and make our world a better place to live.  Be a person of XENODOCY

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