Sunday, August 31, 2014



Be careful what you WEED out of your life.  It may be important to WEED out some of your toxic emotions that are hurting you.   However, it might be more important to ask those emotions, “What hurts so much that you stay so sad?”   I was pleasantly surprised to find that what might be considered WEEDS by some are actually helpful herbs, such as burdock, dandelion, goldenrod, milk thistle, St. John’s wort, and sumac are often considered WEEDS but are really healing ingredients in many herbal remedies.   Thus, it takes wisdom and education to figure out what WEED is good for you and what WEED is choking the life out of you.  WEEDS in general are not bad.  When a WEED begins to grow in your beautiful garden and choke the life out of your beans or tomatoes or even make your flowers appear weak, then it is a good idea to pull the WEEDS with manual labor or a pesticide free WEED killer.  If you are feeling stifled, smothered, or hampered by people you once thought were friends perhaps it is time to have a serious conversation with him/her.  That serious conversation can be likened to putting non-toxic pesticide on the friendship and requesting a dialogue about what is not working for you.  Perhaps you need to WEED out some of the aimless TV watching that is making you dull and stealing the vivaciousness of your daily life.  WEEDS require careful thought, mindful action, and gentle care.   Do not go through your life WEEDING out what you don’t like.  Ask, what does this WEED really need? 

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