Friday, August 8, 2014



This “E” word can be a lot of fun, especially if we think about it as trading something in that no longer serves you well to receive something that will better serve your current needs.  THE TWENTY-MINUTE COACH has been working on words that will help make your daily life better and this interesting word really can do that.  Think about EXCHANGING one bad habit for a good one.  EXCHANGE a half-hour of TV watching for a half-hour of walking.   EXCHANGE a Snicker’s bar for an apple with peanut butter.   EXCHANGE a grumpy attitude for an attitude of gratitude.  EXCHANGE the things in your life that are not serving you for things that will serve you.  For instance your money is a form of energy EXCHANGE.  EXCHANGE some of your money for a massage.  EXCHANGE your money for really healthy foods at the market.   I know that eating organic is more expensive in the short run but the medical bills of choosing toxic food is more expensive in the long hall.  Start today to EXCHANGE your money for better products that will serve you.  EXCHANGE your size sixteen clothes for a size fourteen by getting out and exercising and EXCHANGING bad food for good food.  EXCHANGE your energy for doing something positive, such as paying it forward or brightening someone’s day with delight.  EXCHANGE old stuff in your home for the new space it will give you.  EXCHANGE a book with a friend in order that the two of you can enjoy each other’s taste. EXCHANGE whatever you don’t want for something you do want and have fun doing it.

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