Sunday, August 17, 2014




NOTICE can be a verb or a noun depending on the context of how it is being used.  Imagine waking up this morning and having a hand written notice on your pillow that says, “Your life will expire in thirty-days, make the most of it.”  Now that is a NOTICE.  You have been informed you have only thirty-days to live and now you have a choice.  In one sense you are one of the lucky ones, you now have the NOTICE of your time on earth.  You can choose to be angry and distressed that you have only thirty days left or you can choose to focus on what it is that matters to you the next thirty days.  NOTICE I said you get to choose what and how you want to spend your time.  See, I used the word NOTICE as a verb in that sentence that drew your attention to the word “you.”  The NOTICE came to you thus it is your choice how you want to spend the time.  Maybe you want to fly off and see the Almalfi Coast in Italy or jump from an airplane.  Perhaps your family wants you to come visit and spend your last thirty days with them.  If you have two conflicting choices either choose to make it a win-win for you or if that is not possible, clearly make it a win for you.  A NOTICE is an announcement of something important that should not be ignored whether it be in verb or noun form.  Take NOTICE and get a move on.  

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