Friday, February 28, 2014




Nothing feels better than a finished project, a made bed, an empty sink, or a completed dream off of your bucket list.  Finishing things that we have been meaning to get to creates an open space within where the unfinished project has been taking up worrisome space or creating distracting background noise.  Thus, we get new energy each time we mark something off of out to do list.  I have said that unless we write our goals down and look at them often we will loose interest, become distracted, and often even forget what our goal was.  In order to be productive it is important to keep track of where you are by listing what it is that you want to do.  I have a daily to do list, weekly to do list, monthly to do list and soon to do list.  The soon to do list has things that I want to do or might even be things on my bucket list.  I move them from the soon list to another list by deciding when is it that I want to accomplish the “soon” item.  Listing keeps us organized and finishing keeps us motivated.  If you are procrastinating about something you need to ask yourself three simple questions: 
1. What is the personal benefit of not completing project A? 
2. What will I do after I complete project A?
3. What am I doing instead of completing project A?
There is a psychological benefit in keeping a task incomplete and once we understand the cause and effect of not doing something usually that will move us toward the finish line.  So look at that list, mark down a time to finish and execute the plan. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014



In the dictionary, eager is defined as very excited and interested.  There we are back to that word, “interest” again.  Remember, if we have no interest in something or even a project that we must do, the likely hood of it getting done or at least done well is low.  What interests you enough to create a sense of eagerness, a desire to get started and get it accomplished?  

Eager has an active energy built within it that exudes a sense of excitement.  If you have a vacation planned, you are eager to go.  You prepare during the waiting period by reading about the places of interest at your destination, maybe you choose clothes to pack based on predicted weather, and you may even find yourself buying new clothes just because it is a vacation.  However, the reality is that vacations may only happen once a year, if that.  Thus, how are you going to incorporate eagerness into your daily life?  Did you take the time yesterday to write down your top three desires?  Choose one of those today and ask yourself, “What do I need to do to be eager to accomplish this?”  Perhaps you are realizing you don’t have enough information about your desire.  Perhaps you are running into the what-if’s.  You might even be unconsciously sabotaging yourself.   

Today, do something to get out of your funk and fan the fire of eagerness to get you started on your way.  Eager is willing and ready to get on board.  The funk you have been in needs “Eager’s” help.  Picture Eager is a little elf sitting on your shoulder singing happy songs; allowing your energy to stir, and movement toward your goal progress today.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014



“I desire chocolate ice cream.”  That is a false statement.  I may enjoy, like, or crave chocolate ice-cream but desire would be the wrong use of the word.  Desire in its true sense is a longing for something that is not easily accessible and involves the heart and emotion. Most of us can get in our cars and go get chocolate ice-cream and if we don’t get it then nothing bad or dreadful is going to happen.  But longing for something, wishing that something would be different, or that something would change is not easily available and costs us something of ourselves to obtain it.  To not obtain our desire creates a sense of emotional disappointment, distress, sadness and sometimes even depression.  Desire has a lot of emotional attachment intertwined in obtaining that which we desire.  Desire comes from a place inside of us that makes the object of our desire important to us; important enough to us to work hard for it, save for it, plan for it, and even to sacrifice for it.  That emotional craving that says I must have this and as a result my life will be improved in tangible and delightful ways.  Desire is driven by motivation and motivation is driven by desire.  They dance an interdependent dance with each other and our job is to make that dance one of balance, eloquence and beauty.  Our heart desires need to be at the top of our priority list.

Monday, February 24, 2014




Yes, conquests are important in life.  We need to learn to conquer the things that bother us, worry us, or bring us down.  Sometimes the best way to do that is through acceptance.  Peaceful acceptance sometimes stops the worry when we realize there is nothing we can do to change or control a situation.  That acceptance is probably the most difficult thing you have had to do in your life.  Accepting a child’s choices that are not in his/her best interest is a conquest more painful than probably than any other.  Learning that you cannot control your adult child’s drug or alcohol use is a painful conquering and not one that parents easily accept.  You know there is an acceptance when you feel a sense of inner peace inside of yourself that you have not experienced.  Then you have fully practiced the definition of conquests: the control, defeat, or overthrow of that which is invading you.  The conquest to acceptance requires energy, it does not happen by passivity.  It is defined, direct, and destined to create a place of peace in your heart and life where you can not imagine it being.  Also, conquests requires repetition.  Repetition of the same behaviors, attitudes, and actions that continue to make room for a peaceful place inside, in the midst of emotional pain.  Acceptance is the ammunition required to conquer all that matters to us so that we can live abundantly peaceful lives regardless of the chaos and pain around us.

Sunday, February 23, 2014




Now that we are on a roll with our warrior, headed out for a zany adventure, what is it that you have been hiding from yourself that you really want to try?  It does not have to be big but of course it can be.  It can be something as simple as getting those ears pierced that you have secretly always wanted to do.  Think about a tree and its many branches.  It is amazing that something that looks as boring as a tree-trunk can branch out into so many different ways, providing shade, shelter, and protection.  In the forest, deer and other creatures love to sleep near the tree trunks under branches.  It feels safe and protective to them.  What are the benefits that you will acquire in your personal life by branching out into a new direction or just responding to the warmth of the sun pulling you towards your best-self?

Branching out is an important part of growing up and becoming all of who you can be.  Without branches trees do not fulfill their purpose.  Without branches there is little beauty.  Look at your life today and ask yourself, where can I branch out?  Where can I expand into more of what I need and want in my life?  Is it time to ask your boss for a raise?  Is it time to look at adding class to your list of things you have been wanting to learn?  Find a way to branch out today!

Saturday, February 22, 2014




Warriors are always looking for an adventure because they are always in training to be the best they can be.  In order for them to be on guard, focused and alert, adventure is important to their daily life.  Life is an adventure and the more we enjoy the daily grind the more we can create enthusiasm in our daily life.  Adventures create psychological arousal allowing the brain to get out of its box and explore options and possibilities.  However, a key component of any adventure is that the outcome is not guaranteed and often unknown.  If one is going to skydive, you do everything that you are supposed to do to prepare, from checking out the reputation of the company to following the instructions in your pre-flight.  Tandem is absolutely a must for new divers, but there are unusual things that can go wrong.  No guarantees.  But if you really allow yourself to break out of your denial, there is no guarantee that you are going to be alive by 6:00 p.m. this evening regardless of how safe you live your life. There are no guarantees.  Therefore, stay out of that box of yours, be a little zany and take a risk today.  What adventure do you want?  A vacation to an exotic place? A new hike that you have not explored yet?  Create a new dish for dinner.  Be adventurous regardless of what limitations you think you have; discover the gusto of life by making it a daily adventure.

Friday, February 21, 2014



Today is play day.  Yesterday you yielded and took a look around your personal landscape and progress for the year to date and today you are going to take another break.  You are going to get out of your box and do something different.  If this day falls on a work day for you, no problem.  It is important to learn to play on work days too.  So let’s find some ways to express your zany, eccentric inner you that you always wanted to express.  Wear red to work or another bright and bold color.  Find your wildesttie or craziest earrings.  Wear miss-matching socks.  For lunch have something very different.  If you take your lunch choose a breakfast food or a can of spinach for your lunch.  Change it out.  After work do something totally different. Go to a movie.  Drive down-town and walk around. Discover a comedy club and buy a ticket even if you can’t go today.  Go get a manicure with the wildest colors ever.  Play with eccentric ideas.  If you are working on a project, what would happen if you imagined zooming in on one piece of the project and playing with how to do that piece differently than you are currently imagining?  Give yourself permission to be unconventional, odd, bizarre, and eccentric.  Eat backwards.  Walk backwards.  Play in ways that you never dreamed.  Get out of box and do it differently today.  You have been working hard but the goal from this day forward is add a little zany to each day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014



We are on day fifty-one of this 365 day YOUR LIFE FROM A-Z.   It is time to stop and evaluate where you are with the goals that you set for yourself to make this the best year yet.  Hopefully you are writing a bit each day on the word of the day in order to get as much as you can out of this process.  Yield does not mean stop, but it certainly does not mean go either.  If you are going on a path or a journey just because, then stop and re-evaluate.  No one says you have to finish just because you started.  You have been at this now for fifty-one days, you know by now whether it is working for you or not.  What is working?  What is not working?  What do you need to tweak?  Is there something coming at you that you did not anticipate?  How has your life changed since January 1st?  Do you like the changes?  Then keep going in the direction you are headed.  If you need to yield the right away to a different goal, thought, desire, then by all means do so.  If you want to turn right or left or curve to the by-way then do it.  Today is the day for you to yield, examine, explore, and make decisions about what your next step is.  Today your yielding is a very important part of this process.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


How appropriate that xebec follows warrior.  A xebec is a three sail, sailing vessel used mostly in the Mediterranean as trading vessels.  They had little depth and often used oars to help them propel fast through the waters.  Thus, they had a versatile ability to adapt to the weather and wind conditions.  The xebec’s long overhand gave it the appearance of looking larger than it actually was.  In the days of trading, pirates would come out of nowhere, attempting to overpower the vessels but the crew were well equipped with guns to protect themselves from those who did not work to get the useful articles of trade aboard the vessels.  

The warrior you created yesterday wants to stand guard on your xebec and make sure that those pirates and scavengers that try to board your ship are booted off and you can sail fearlessly into the dreams you are creating.  You have precious articles of trade aboard you xebec and you need help of the inner warrior to protect them.  You trade your time; energy and talent for the pay check your boss gives out.  That is your value to the work environment and it needs to be honored.  Your patience, discipline, and love that you give your children are your precious articles of trade and you deserve respect and appreciation in return.  Your gifts of friendship and empathy deserve fair trade in your relationships.  Do not let lazy pirates take away all the joy you have traded so hard for.  Let your inner warrior stand guard so you can move fast and furious in your xebec.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



What comes to your mind with this powerful word?  This blog will focus on how this word applies to you and your inner parts.  Warriors are those trained in keen awareness and are on alert for danger. Warriors are disciplined and very focused on their job and task.  They understand that if they lose focus that they and others around can get hurt.  Thus warriors operate out of their protective nature and defend out of care.  It is important that you learn to be a warrior on your own behalf.  Do you really care about yourself?   Do you really want to live your best life this year?  Then bring out the fierceness of your inner warrior.  Create and develop an inner warrior.  If you are not aware that you have an inner warrior, no problem.  It is time to install one, just like software for your computer.  Here is the disk.  

Find a spot inside of yourself that represents a powerful energy.  For example, close your eyes and see yourself sitting on a high cliff, above crashing waves, below just as the sun is rising.  Then allow your mind to create a powerful image of a warrior rising out of the ocean on the horizon.  Watch and the warrior comes to you and says, “I am here.  I am your protector.  I will help you accomplish the goal at hand.  I am here for you, let me in.”   You make eye contact with this part and open your arms and say, “Yes.  Enter.  I need you. I want to get to know you. Thank you for coming.”  

Monday, February 17, 2014


Variety is the spice of life.  If life becomes monotonous we become bored and if we become bored we often end up in some sort of trouble, such as over-spending, over-eating,over-drinking. As a result we allow our over indulgences to create troublesome problems for us.  Thus be the one to take the initiative to create variety in your life.  What is boring you?  Ditch it for awhile and do something different.  Bored with yoga?  Try Zumba.  Bored with dinner?  Discover and create six new dinner recipes over the next two weeks.  Bored with work?  Look around at the job market or in your own work environment to see where you can create a little variety.  The first step to variety is to acknowledge that you need it.  The second step is to identify the parts of your life that are boring and to examine your options to change them.  The third step is to get to work adding the variety that will help your enthusiasm return.  Check in with yourself to in two weeks to see if your added variety is working.  Adding variety is what will keep you putting one foot in front of the other.  Maybe you have wanted to do something different, outside of the norm for yourself or your family.  Maybe you are bored with your church or your spiritual deadness.  Maybe you want to explore other religions but that is against your religion.  Give yourself permission to explore new territory, add the variety you need even if others disagree.  It is your life!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Unity is defined as a state of being in full agreement.  From a psychological point of view we have many parts of our inner self.  Just like our body has arms, legs, heart, and lungs, blood and so on, our psyche has many parts as well.  It has taken the medical field a very long time to understand that if my leg hurts then everything else is affected in my body.  The body is one and when it is at its best all parts are in alignment and working on your behalf.  If you go back to my example on strength and core strength you hear me say, “I don’t enjoy the type of work involved to have a strong core. “  I also say,  “I am brutally harsh on myself for not being willing to change that.”  That critic that tells me that I am lazy, foolish, and one day will pay, is out of step with the other parts of me.I need to bring it into alignment.  I need to work with the inner critic in supportive and nourishing ways in order to calm the fear.  The critic in this case is operating in fear that I will loose my ability to stay active which is very important to me if I don’t work with my core.  Inner work is important to our psychic well-being. We have parts that are young and developmentally delayed.  There are neglected parts, scared parts and playful parts.  See if you can list 10 different inner parts and then begin the work of getting them in unity.  

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Tradition is something that builds connection and internal affluence.  What are some of the traditions (stories, actions, rituals, thinking) that you practice today from your parents or grandparents?  Do you have new traditions that you have created in your adult life or the current relationship you are in?   I encourage you to start a tradition.  It does not have to be big, elaborate, or troublesome.   Allow it to be significant enough to produce positive feelings inside of you when you think about doing it and when you remember doing it.  
The easiest tradition to start is something that only you have to participate in.  For instance, if you were start a tradition for celebrating your birthday that is something you can do every year from this day forward, what would it be?  The only difference between a ritual and a tradition is that a tradition is something that you keep remembering and repeating as way of building positive blue prints in your daily and annual life.   A ritual may be completed often and regularly or it may be something that you only do once, such as baptism.  Tradition lives on forever and sometimes even after you are long gone. 

This word deserves your reflective time, planning and preparation as you examine what it is inside of that you want to add to your life on a regular basis that will become a meaningful tradition.  Matter of fact it may take a few times of experimenting with what tradition really nourishes, feeds, and helps you feel positive.  What tradition do you want to start?

Friday, February 14, 2014


There are many definitions of the word strength.  When you first saw the word this morning what images came up in your mind?  For me, strength needs to take a positive connotation. Unfortunately, the first word that comes with strength is Core Strength.  I judge myself harshly for not having core strength and not enjoying any of the exercises one must do to obtain core strength.  Thus I set up a self-defeating pattern and usually stay stuck.  In order to have core strength one must work at it. Core strength provides us with stability, flexibility, and balance.  The core is so important to our ability to stay active and mobile as we age.  Core provides us with grace of movement.  It gives us the ability to move with intensity.  Intensity creates space and energy allowing us to accomplish goals, projects, and dreams.  Having our core strength in shape helps usmaintain good health, good posture, and an agility to accomplish things we once thought impossible.  Thus, the theme of nurturance, mindfulness, possibilities, are helpful in working at something that will bring good to our lives even though we are not crazy to go after it with Zest.  What are you willing to do to strengthen those areas of your life that will bring you positive outcomes even though they are not pleasant or exciting to do?  I am willing to lift upper body weights three times a week and I enjoy planking.  So I do that, nothing more, nothing less.  When I hear my critic on my back, I say,  I have done my commitment to myself.  Make small goals so that you can succeed.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014



Wow, for a few days now we have been doing tons of work.  Today is a day to rest and do nothing.  Isn't that interesting that we call resting doing nothing?  That simply is not true. Resting is work.  Resting requires that one stop.  Stopping for the Western Mind is painful work.  Somewhere our Columbus DNA genetics of wanting more, discovering more, seeing and knowing more, keep us in perpetual motion.  If there were no Americas between Europe and India for Columbus to rest, he and his crew would have died at sea.  

It is so important to rest.  Look at your calendar right now.  Look at the month.  Choose one day and mark it completely off.  Do not allow anyone or anything to get in our way of REST.  Make no lunch or hiking dates.  Do not schedule laundry, dusting or grocery shopping.  The night before that day turn off the alarm clock and put your watch in the draw.  But all technology devices away and turn them off. Pretend IpadsIphones, and x-boxes do not exist.  In the morning get up when you are ready.  Stretch your body.  Reach for the stars in sky and press down into the earth below your feet.  Do whatever it is that comes next on this day of rest.  Enjoy noticing what it is that you enjoy.  Do you really like the coffee you are drinking or is it a habit?  Do you want to walk outside or curl up with a book? At the end of the day write about how hard this day was to do nothing scheduled and listen to what you learn.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yes, question everything. Rilke the poet wrote,  "Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the question themselves.  Do not now seek the answers which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them.  And the point is, to live everything.  Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer."  Thus to question is to be alive.

Do not fret about the answers but enjoy the journey of discovery.  Questions about life, love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningful questions. By asking the questions we become more alert, aware, and alive.  The answers are constantly changing.  Once upon a time we thought the earth was flat.  That in and of itself is so hard to imagine in today's rapid world of knowledge andtechnology but it is true. Even though the ancient Egyptians had diagrams of the earth being round, the undereducated folks still thought the Earth to be flat when Christopher Columbus set sail for India.  His believed measurements of the earth were so small, that if he had not discovered the Americas in between his journey,he and his crew would have starved.  Question, explore, discover and enjoy living into whatever answers may come your way.  If no answers come, the risk of taking the journey is well worth the effort because the experiences along the way make the possibilities meaningful.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Clearly you saw possibilities coming right after the powerful word Option. Options create choices; choices create possibilities.  Think about a flow chart.  Say over the past few months or weeks you have been thinking about going on a vacation.  First you must decide what your options are.  How much time do you have?  How much money do you have in your vacation budget?   What is it that you are wanting to accomplish on this vacation?  Do you want to relax and read?  Do you want to learn a new sport or polish up on an old favorite, like golf or fishing?  Those questions are defining your options.  

Let's say you have $1500 dollars set aside for a seven day vacation.  During that time your goal is to be active and relax.  Your resources create your possibilities.  Do not let yourself focus on the negatives of only $1500 for seven days which is only around $212.00 a day.  Accept that fact and run with it.  Wow, I have a budget of $212.00 a day if I fly somewhere for $350.00 round trip than I have a budget of $165.00 a day.  Where can I go for $350.00 round trip and what sort of accommodations can I acquire that will allow me to hike, walk, sight see, do yoga and read?  Or if I do a road trip instead, how far can I go on my daily budget of $212.00 and how much fun can I pack into that trip?  I don't know about you, but just writing this makes me want to get on the internet and plan a seven day vacation within this budget and see what fun I can have.  Possibilities are so much fun.

Monday, February 10, 2014




Mindfulness of attention and nurturance of soul allow us to see our options. Attention and nurturance, two keys, broaden our perspective and increase our depth of vision.  If we imagine sitting in the forest and looking straight ahead we may not see much except massive tree trunk weaving awkwardly in no distinct path.  But if we stand up and take a few steps back and focus upwardly, our whole perspective of the forest changes.  If we bend down and carefully examine the foliage, we see minute details of a beetle eating its breakfast and discover life anew.  The forest is a living and breathing macrocosm and many distinct microcosm's within its robust and loving arms.

The word that you reside in, is expansive.  The world does not begin and stop at your driveway.  There are many options available if you look around and examine the possibilities from many angles.  Imagine what you can see if you close your eyes.  The options of creativity abound within the quietness of your internal space.  You can see colors, designs, pictures, memories, fantasies, and experience diving into the ocean on a warm day or feeling the falling rain on your skin.

Options exist within you and outside of you.  Today, dare to be different.  A stock option offers choices and gives versatility to the buyer.  You are the "buyer" of your life, you can take risks and choose options to explore and experiment with something before you make a commitment to buy the whole picture.  Look up, step back, explore and imagine.  Options open doors to possibilities; possibilities create movement; and movement produces change.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Nurture is absolutely essential to growth.  If you just throw something out into the world and do nothing to provide a stable and supportive environment for growth, then not much is going to happen.  Nurturing is a fundamental necessity to attain our hearts desires.  Sometimes a “victim identity” keep us in ruts of “poor me,” “I can’t do what Iwant to do because I am not as fortunate as others.” That way of thinking is lazy thinking.  If you want something then it is important to work for it.  Nothing just happens.  Even those that win the lottery statistically lose it all within a few short years.  It is our inner attitude, our psychological scripts that are just as powerful as our DNA.  They must consistently be nurtured in positive, generous, and supportive ways for our being to let go and allow us tobelieve that change is possible for everyone including, You.

List three things you want to change.  Choose the most important one and create an action plan of three steps each to execute the plan.  For instance, I want to eat healthier.  What am I willing to do now, to start?  (3 things)
Throw away all the crap food in my pantry.  When?  Today after dinner, I will spend twenty minutes going through my pantry and tossing empty calories.  
Prepare healthy lunches for myself at work.  When?  Sunday after I grocery shop with my (3.) new list of healthy lunches.
I will create a new list of healthy lunches this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Ok, under each of those listed above, you will need a three-step plan to execute your action positively.  The nurture part is the action of doing positive actions on your behalf.  You can add positive music in the background while you do this list.  You can drink a nice cup of green tea, and/or you can buy some fresh flowers to support your environment as you begin the action of nurturing change.  

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Mindful and mindfulness seems like the appropriate “M” word to follow Justice, Kindness, and Liberty.  In today’s era, mindfulness has found its way into the daily practice of psychology and is no longer a Buddhists practice.  Being mindful is the practice of being aware in the NOW.  Notice your body.  How are you sitting? Where is the tension in your body?  What are your thoughts? How are you breathing? Take a minute to close your eyes and go inside of your body, breath in and out slowly.  Let your breath come fully in through your nostrils and follow it down into your lungs, noticing the rise of your belly and then slowly exhale as if you are blowing out a candle.  

Let yourself do this several times and then re-check how your body feels.  Allow yourself to focus on the changes.  Pleasant relaxation is really possible and possible for you. Yes, the practice of Mindfulness is clearly a practice.  If you don’t stop, notice, breatheand focus, you will not learn the basic healthy benefits of Mindfulness.  

Our lives are full of distractions, to do lists, worries, responsibilities and disappointments, learning to practice this simple but powerful awareness technique can refresh you cells, mood, and day.  It is like rebooting your computer.  It refreshes the programs and gets everything moving again.  You can Google, mindfulness and discover many tools to help you learn this valuable practice.  I do not need to re-invent the wheel.  The wheel is out there go spin it.  Today is your day to gift yourself with the power of awareness.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Do you have an inner Statute of Liberty?  Do you allow yourself the freedom to choose what you believe is best for you?  Are there decisions in your life that do not fit for you but you made them to keep someone else happy or because you felt you were not strong enough to stand on your own?  At the feet of the Statute are broken shackles representing her freedom from tyranny and oppression.  

Two days ago, I wrote about Justice.  Sit with that part of you that you let out of prison two days ago and reflect on how you are learning to make choices in your best interest.  What personal freedom or freedoms do you deny yourself just because your feet are still in shackles of shame?  Stand up straight.  Raise your hand to the sky and declare you own freedom to make choices.  List three things you want to be free to do, but either someone else’s opinion, fear of failure, or lack of confidence hold you back.  

Now, that you have three things on your list, circle one and go for it.  You are free to choose.  You have individual rights that say you have a right to your opinion, free speech, and pursuit of happiness. It is all yours for the taking.  Step into your life and move forward toward the goals, aspirations, and personal desires.  It is yours.  Claim it today.

 Photo talked from Statute of Liberty's National Park site. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014



There is not excuse not to be kind.  There is no reason to trample on someone else’s opinion, possessions, or space just because you disagree with them or you are having a bad day.  Pema Chodron, in her book, The Places that Scare You, teaches loving kindness practice.  In Buddhist tradition, prayer always starts with you first.  So, it goes like this: “May I experience kindness and the root of kindness.”  After you comes six other people, including the person you are having the most difficult being and broader to all sentient beings.  

There is correlation we see in the psychotherapy office that seems to be a mirror to how individuals live their lives.People who are kind to him/herself tend to be kind to others, including giving the homeless person a bottled water or a buck. People whose inner critic beat them up all day with negative and doubtful thoughts tend to do the same to everyone else in his/her path, especially the non-suspecting clerk that is a little slower than he/she would like.  If you are finding yourself grouchy, upset, uptight and rude then it is time to take a “time-out” and practice a little personal kindness.  What is eating at you that you have not been paying attention to?  Or, what are you worried about that you are holding inside all to yourself.  You deserve a good friend or partner to share what hurts inside.  Be kind to yourself today by sharing your worries with a trusted friend or writing them out to God, as you understand God to be and notice the transformation of your own mood.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Justice is a squirrely word as it can be used to harm in the name of self-righteousness. For example, where there is no emotional concern to the other, but a rage at some crime committed or political ideology, such as different points of view on abortion.  Justice is absolutely necessary to have a social society that works together.  Laws must exist inmeaningful ways to keep society from falling into greed, anger, and other negative emotions that can take over at times.

There are other types of justice as well. What does personal justice mean to you today?  Do you still have yourself locked away in an emotional prison because of some past action that brings you shame when you think about it?  Is your inner judge fair or does that inner judge always rule on someone else’s behalf leaving you alone, isolated and paying an emotional price that is way to high?  We recite the Pledge of Allegiance with those important words, “…liberty and justice for all.”  You are part of the all.  Justice must start first with you.  If you are still serving a self-imposed emotional sentence for something you feel ashamed of in the past, why not sit down and write yourself a get out of prison today document.  Use I statements, such as “Today I take this key and unlock the prison door of my shame.  I see that part of me that I have been holding hostage for way too long.  I open the prison door and invite that part of me out of prison and back into my life.  I do that to create Justice in my life today.