Sunday, February 23, 2014




Now that we are on a roll with our warrior, headed out for a zany adventure, what is it that you have been hiding from yourself that you really want to try?  It does not have to be big but of course it can be.  It can be something as simple as getting those ears pierced that you have secretly always wanted to do.  Think about a tree and its many branches.  It is amazing that something that looks as boring as a tree-trunk can branch out into so many different ways, providing shade, shelter, and protection.  In the forest, deer and other creatures love to sleep near the tree trunks under branches.  It feels safe and protective to them.  What are the benefits that you will acquire in your personal life by branching out into a new direction or just responding to the warmth of the sun pulling you towards your best-self?

Branching out is an important part of growing up and becoming all of who you can be.  Without branches trees do not fulfill their purpose.  Without branches there is little beauty.  Look at your life today and ask yourself, where can I branch out?  Where can I expand into more of what I need and want in my life?  Is it time to ask your boss for a raise?  Is it time to look at adding class to your list of things you have been wanting to learn?  Find a way to branch out today!

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