Sunday, February 9, 2014


Nurture is absolutely essential to growth.  If you just throw something out into the world and do nothing to provide a stable and supportive environment for growth, then not much is going to happen.  Nurturing is a fundamental necessity to attain our hearts desires.  Sometimes a “victim identity” keep us in ruts of “poor me,” “I can’t do what Iwant to do because I am not as fortunate as others.” That way of thinking is lazy thinking.  If you want something then it is important to work for it.  Nothing just happens.  Even those that win the lottery statistically lose it all within a few short years.  It is our inner attitude, our psychological scripts that are just as powerful as our DNA.  They must consistently be nurtured in positive, generous, and supportive ways for our being to let go and allow us tobelieve that change is possible for everyone including, You.

List three things you want to change.  Choose the most important one and create an action plan of three steps each to execute the plan.  For instance, I want to eat healthier.  What am I willing to do now, to start?  (3 things)
Throw away all the crap food in my pantry.  When?  Today after dinner, I will spend twenty minutes going through my pantry and tossing empty calories.  
Prepare healthy lunches for myself at work.  When?  Sunday after I grocery shop with my (3.) new list of healthy lunches.
I will create a new list of healthy lunches this Saturday at 10:00 a.m.
Ok, under each of those listed above, you will need a three-step plan to execute your action positively.  The nurture part is the action of doing positive actions on your behalf.  You can add positive music in the background while you do this list.  You can drink a nice cup of green tea, and/or you can buy some fresh flowers to support your environment as you begin the action of nurturing change.  

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