Monday, February 17, 2014


Variety is the spice of life.  If life becomes monotonous we become bored and if we become bored we often end up in some sort of trouble, such as over-spending, over-eating,over-drinking. As a result we allow our over indulgences to create troublesome problems for us.  Thus be the one to take the initiative to create variety in your life.  What is boring you?  Ditch it for awhile and do something different.  Bored with yoga?  Try Zumba.  Bored with dinner?  Discover and create six new dinner recipes over the next two weeks.  Bored with work?  Look around at the job market or in your own work environment to see where you can create a little variety.  The first step to variety is to acknowledge that you need it.  The second step is to identify the parts of your life that are boring and to examine your options to change them.  The third step is to get to work adding the variety that will help your enthusiasm return.  Check in with yourself to in two weeks to see if your added variety is working.  Adding variety is what will keep you putting one foot in front of the other.  Maybe you have wanted to do something different, outside of the norm for yourself or your family.  Maybe you are bored with your church or your spiritual deadness.  Maybe you want to explore other religions but that is against your religion.  Give yourself permission to explore new territory, add the variety you need even if others disagree.  It is your life!

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