Saturday, February 8, 2014


Mindful and mindfulness seems like the appropriate “M” word to follow Justice, Kindness, and Liberty.  In today’s era, mindfulness has found its way into the daily practice of psychology and is no longer a Buddhists practice.  Being mindful is the practice of being aware in the NOW.  Notice your body.  How are you sitting? Where is the tension in your body?  What are your thoughts? How are you breathing? Take a minute to close your eyes and go inside of your body, breath in and out slowly.  Let your breath come fully in through your nostrils and follow it down into your lungs, noticing the rise of your belly and then slowly exhale as if you are blowing out a candle.  

Let yourself do this several times and then re-check how your body feels.  Allow yourself to focus on the changes.  Pleasant relaxation is really possible and possible for you. Yes, the practice of Mindfulness is clearly a practice.  If you don’t stop, notice, breatheand focus, you will not learn the basic healthy benefits of Mindfulness.  

Our lives are full of distractions, to do lists, worries, responsibilities and disappointments, learning to practice this simple but powerful awareness technique can refresh you cells, mood, and day.  It is like rebooting your computer.  It refreshes the programs and gets everything moving again.  You can Google, mindfulness and discover many tools to help you learn this valuable practice.  I do not need to re-invent the wheel.  The wheel is out there go spin it.  Today is your day to gift yourself with the power of awareness.

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