Thursday, February 6, 2014



There is not excuse not to be kind.  There is no reason to trample on someone else’s opinion, possessions, or space just because you disagree with them or you are having a bad day.  Pema Chodron, in her book, The Places that Scare You, teaches loving kindness practice.  In Buddhist tradition, prayer always starts with you first.  So, it goes like this: “May I experience kindness and the root of kindness.”  After you comes six other people, including the person you are having the most difficult being and broader to all sentient beings.  

There is correlation we see in the psychotherapy office that seems to be a mirror to how individuals live their lives.People who are kind to him/herself tend to be kind to others, including giving the homeless person a bottled water or a buck. People whose inner critic beat them up all day with negative and doubtful thoughts tend to do the same to everyone else in his/her path, especially the non-suspecting clerk that is a little slower than he/she would like.  If you are finding yourself grouchy, upset, uptight and rude then it is time to take a “time-out” and practice a little personal kindness.  What is eating at you that you have not been paying attention to?  Or, what are you worried about that you are holding inside all to yourself.  You deserve a good friend or partner to share what hurts inside.  Be kind to yourself today by sharing your worries with a trusted friend or writing them out to God, as you understand God to be and notice the transformation of your own mood.  Have a great day!

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