Saturday, February 1, 2014



F's are so much fun.  First "F" word was "Fetch."  I said, "You don't have to run for it but at least go get it."  So, now let's flip it.  Toss it around.  Throw it up in the air and turn it all around.  Are you unsure as to what you want?  Are you torn between two options and feel equally challenged by which one you really want?  So get a quarter out and name the two sides.  What are you torn between?  Today, write 10 minutes about the heads side.  What is it that you like about this option we will call option A?  If you move toward this option, what will the benefits be to you?  How will this add positive energy to your life?  What will it cost you to accomplish it?  If the heads up had a message for you what is it?  Later today or tomorrow go to the tails side of the coin and ask yourself the same questions and write about option B.  Then re-read them both and call your toss. Flip it and work your option.  Enjoy the serendipitous nature of the Universe.  You did your work by taking the time to write so it is not a flippant decision, it is a flip-it decision.  It is examining both sides of very strong feelings and then allowing yourself to get a little help from a twenty-five cent coin.  If we toss things up in the air and examine the outcome we can move out of our ambivalence. 

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