Sunday, February 16, 2014


Unity is defined as a state of being in full agreement.  From a psychological point of view we have many parts of our inner self.  Just like our body has arms, legs, heart, and lungs, blood and so on, our psyche has many parts as well.  It has taken the medical field a very long time to understand that if my leg hurts then everything else is affected in my body.  The body is one and when it is at its best all parts are in alignment and working on your behalf.  If you go back to my example on strength and core strength you hear me say, “I don’t enjoy the type of work involved to have a strong core. “  I also say,  “I am brutally harsh on myself for not being willing to change that.”  That critic that tells me that I am lazy, foolish, and one day will pay, is out of step with the other parts of me.I need to bring it into alignment.  I need to work with the inner critic in supportive and nourishing ways in order to calm the fear.  The critic in this case is operating in fear that I will loose my ability to stay active which is very important to me if I don’t work with my core.  Inner work is important to our psychic well-being. We have parts that are young and developmentally delayed.  There are neglected parts, scared parts and playful parts.  See if you can list 10 different inner parts and then begin the work of getting them in unity.  

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