Wednesday, February 5, 2014



Justice is a squirrely word as it can be used to harm in the name of self-righteousness. For example, where there is no emotional concern to the other, but a rage at some crime committed or political ideology, such as different points of view on abortion.  Justice is absolutely necessary to have a social society that works together.  Laws must exist inmeaningful ways to keep society from falling into greed, anger, and other negative emotions that can take over at times.

There are other types of justice as well. What does personal justice mean to you today?  Do you still have yourself locked away in an emotional prison because of some past action that brings you shame when you think about it?  Is your inner judge fair or does that inner judge always rule on someone else’s behalf leaving you alone, isolated and paying an emotional price that is way to high?  We recite the Pledge of Allegiance with those important words, “…liberty and justice for all.”  You are part of the all.  Justice must start first with you.  If you are still serving a self-imposed emotional sentence for something you feel ashamed of in the past, why not sit down and write yourself a get out of prison today document.  Use I statements, such as “Today I take this key and unlock the prison door of my shame.  I see that part of me that I have been holding hostage for way too long.  I open the prison door and invite that part of me out of prison and back into my life.  I do that to create Justice in my life today.

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