Monday, June 30, 2014



UNITE the many parts within yourself.  UNITE your desires to work for you rather than to pull you in a million directions.  I challenge you to take a twenty- minute break with your journal.  Turn to the next blank page and draw a big circle.  In the circle write words that define your many parts.  For example: inner child, inner teen-ager, resentful one, joyful one, sad one, mad one, happy one, hopeful one, honest one, deceitful one, fearful one, healthy one, unhealthy parts, and other emotional parts as they come up.  Next draw different color circles around each of these words.  Take a breath and look at all of those parts of yourself competing for your attention.  Each part needs you desperately to pay attention to it.  Each part has a story to tell.  Mary Catherine Bates said, “An untold story is a difficult story to claim.”  I might change that to, “An untold story is waiting for your attention in order to heal.”  Interesting shame is positively mitigated by the telling of our stories to compassionate and non-judgmental friends.  In order to heal we must be able to trust at some basic level that our story is just like many other people’s story, but with different characters.  We heal in community by UNITING together with our tribe of like-minded and compassionate folks. UNITE on the inside and then UNITE on the outside with all of those whom you care about and care about you.  UNITE always. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014




TRUST is an assured reliance on someone or something that is dependable, honest, forthright, and strong according to the dictionaries that abound.  In our Western culture we loosely have it on our coins but no one really knows why anymore and it does seem so trite.  TRUST is precious and should not be given lightly because when someone breaks your TRUST, a wound is created inside of you that when it heals it heals with a scar that carries a story.  That unfortunate story becomes a memory that overshadows true TRUST in the future.  Thus, I would say TRUST is conditional and must be granted based on history of integrity, honesty, and actions that match the words coming out of someone else’s mouth.  However, much more important to the TWENTY MINUTE COACH is self TRUST.  Do you TRUST yourself?  Do your actions match the words coming out of your mouth?  Does your heart agree with your head?  Are you congruent in the way that you deal with the world around you, especially your loved ones?
The hard work of TRUST starts with you.  If you do not TRUST yourself, then you will never TRUST someone else.  I work with people who are suspicious, paranoid, and afraid.  When we get to the root of his/her issue the bottom line is that he/she does not TRUST his/her self.  They keep reporting that they let themselves down all the time by not doing what he/she says they will do.  TRUST yourself in just one thing and then add to it from there

Saturday, June 28, 2014




What in the world is SPIRITUALITY and why does it matter to you?  I believe life is complicated and I realize some of you do just fine living in very pragmatic ways.  For me, I need something more.  I need ritual, ceremony, symbolism, metaphor, art, and all other sorts of things to keep the complications of life meaningful and interesting.  SPIRITUALITY for me is the essence of existence.  I find life boring without it.  It is easy to get to the place of “what is the point?”  

SPIRITUALITY keeps me in the center of the Labyrinth so to speak.  SPIRITUALITY helps me focus on the path and purpose of life.  SPIRITUALITY is about connection, deep connection to something greater than myself, something deep inside of my being that I yearn to know.  SPIRITUALITY is not out there somewhere; it is deep within the DNA, a memory of life greater than the sum of the parts of this life. SPIRITUALITY is the gestalt that sums up the need for creativity, experience, need, and purpose.  Think about the places in nature that you enjoy.  What do the mountains or the ocean do for you?  Where are those places within you that make you feel alive and vibrant?  For me that is the essence of SPIRITUALITY, that indefinable feeling of inner ecstasy that says I am not alone and I am home.  As the Kingfish of your life you get to decide what SPIRITUALITY means to you.   Don’t let others do that for you, but do spend some time exploring this important word for yourself. I know that SPIRITUALITY helps with Rigorous and Quality. 

Friday, June 27, 2014




RENEW that dream you put away.  RENEW a sense of delight in life.  RENEW is a word that implies starting over with a sense of force, new energy and a sense of direction.  RENEW is a way of saying yes to life.  One can restore a piece of furniture but one can also RENEW it.  Restoring a piece of furniture would mean returning it to its original state of being.  RENEWING a piece of furniture would mean to take a piece of furniture that is dull and useless and not only restore it but to take it beyond its original use.  For instance, if you turn a bar stool into a planter then you have RENEWED it into a creative, interesting and useful piece of furniture. Now, it is time to RENEW your daily life and add a sense of spice and useful creativeness to it.  You often here of people RENEWING their wedding vows or RENEWING their baptismal vows.  By doing this each participant is acknowledging that he/she has become dull and useless and now he/she is bringing to his/her relationship or spirituality a new self, a self, filled with zest for creativity and spontaneity.  Look around your environment and find something easy like a picture in a frame and either place a new photo in the frame or buy a new frame for the photo.  Notice how that makes you feel.  Then practice that same RENEWAL with something specific in your life. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014



Being in a QUANDARY, a perplexing and complicated situation, is really a good place to be.  A QUANDARY will in all likelihood be uncomfortable, challenging and perhaps even emotionally painful or draining.  A QUANDARY requires that you examine all of your options, possibilities, available resources and then look inside and ask, “What is it that I really want?”  A QUANDARY forces you to think, act, and review what it is that needs to happen next.  A QUANDARY is a gift from the trickster (the Coyote) in Native American literature or the Jester in European traditions that sneaks up on us when we are least expecting it and makes us think again about the unconscious choices we are making in our daily life.  A QUANDARY will most likely pop up at some inconvenient moment when we are least expecting it and say, “Now, what are you going to do?”  A QUANDARY has the potential of making you into an anxious bundle of nerves or creating an awesome opportunity for growth and change.  Think about this way, you will be anxious and uncomfortable regardless, so therefore you might as well take a risk and resolve the QUANDARY with a decision and enjoy the outcome of change rather than staying in the same old rut of angst that drives you into depression, fear and despair.  Enjoy the perplexity of your QUANDARY and move forward into your life living it more fully, because remember you are priceless. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014




There are some things in life that you cannot put a price tag on.  Take a moment and close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out slowly as if you are blowing out a candle.  Bring into your mind your family members, friends, colleagues, and connections.  They are PRICELESS.  Next, think about these realities: you are reading this and comprehending it, you are breathing, you are able to imagine blowing out a candle; and you are here.  Those gifts of life are PRICELESS.  If you are reading this, you probably have a roof over your head and food to eat.  That is also PRICELESS.  Other PRICELESS gifts in your life today are your health, your mobility, your heart’s desires, and you.  Yes, this sounds like a gratitude list and in one way it is.  

The TWENTY MINUTE COACH does not think that you can be reminded too often to reflect on the PRICELESS gifts of your life.  It is easy to get lured into the Western mind of advertisement and seducing unnecessary necessities, but the real day to day joy comes from everything around us that is in and of itself PRICELESS.  You cannot buy happiness, joy, or health.  Thus, it is important to focus on the PRICELESS gifts, which in reality you cannot live without.  PRICELESS is your brain.  Protect it, nourish it, and feed it with positive thoughts, exercise, and good food everyday.  Take care of your brain and it will take care of you.  Take care of your family and friends and they will be PRICELESS to you. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Going back to Greek literature we find that an ORACLE was a person who offered prophetic predictions and words of wisdom inspired by the divine.  In researching this word, almost all ORACLES in Greek literature were female, and of the priestess sort.  I joke that men were just too hard headed to trust an inner voice of intuition, spirit, or some wisdom that may not make rational sense.  However, your life is no joke whether you are male or female, the divine loves you and attempts to speak to you and through you in many diverse ways.  The messages of the ORACLE within and actually being quiet enough to hear what the ORACLE has to say is a big part of growing up and becoming the adult you are meant to be.  You can believe you are alone in this world or you can live a more delightful life by inviting the ORACLE of the Divine to speak to you about all or any of those things on your heart.  The ORACLE has wisdom and can show you which path to take when you get to a crossroads.  That sometimes small voice within you is there for a reason and it is important to stop the chatter of the brain and go deep into your heart of hearts and listen.  You do not have to take any action right away as this ORACLE takes time to cultivated and for you to develop trust in the ORACLE and discernment.  Train in listening first. Action comes with practice.

Monday, June 23, 2014




Walking on water, practicing invisibility and focusing on the possibilities of what can go right, the Japanese NINJA leaves no room for the enemy. Train in being a NINJA.  You are born with the same powers with as everyone else;however, you need to practice discipline and a sense of a purpose. Training in making your life Robin Hood like or NINJA Turtle like means living with an eye that looks for what is needed in any given situation of care, love, or peace and then doing all that is necessary to illuminate those needs and meet them.  Sometimes it does not help to move at a turtle’s pace but you may have to morph into a super star that is on a mission to make a difference.  Being a NINJA means to use alternative ways, ways that are underground, and possibly even secret to get the good accomplished in the world, even your world.  Ever notice that sometimes when you make an announcement like, “I am going to ______________,” that your brain kicks in and says, “No you are not going to be able to succeed at that.”  Then you share that idea or dream with a friend or colleague and they say, “How is that going to work?”  Or something subtler, “That seems impossible.”  This is when you need your NINJA to train and conquer.  Go underground and get what you want. Train in covert operations that change the way you approach the world.  Learn from your past and train in the present.

Sunday, June 22, 2014




Get your MOJO on!  Inside of you there is an energy source that will awaken if you start feeding it rather than starving it. MOJO is that indefinable quality of the life source energy the Twenty Minute Coach has been speaking about.  MOJO is that charismatic part of you that opens up when you dance, drum, chant, sing, or any other activity that your physical body participates in.  If you are depressed your MOJO has been stolen.  Don’t just wallow in your situational depression; call out the battle cry and dance.  When you dance your MOJO will hearyou and begin returning to you. When you stop dancing your MOJO will not have the energy to fight off the thieves that stole it.  MOJO needs your active energy to bring it to you. MOJO only shows up when invited and only stays while you honor and embrace it.  If you wallow in your situation MOJO becomes weak.  If you say to me, “but I can’t do anything about my situation,” I will say, “Can you dance, sing, drum, walk or chant?”  If you tell me no I will say, “Come back when you can do one of these things and we will call MOJO back together. MOJO is that energy that wins, battles, and overcomes the nastiness of depression and leaves no room for anxiety.  You cannot be anxious while you dance because you stop dancing.  Your MOJO is your beloved friend who wants you to move into your full potential.  Find yours today!

Saturday, June 21, 2014




When we were in the "B" words, we explored Brilliant.  Today we are going to play with light again.  Light is a form of energy that allows you to see things.  As light changes, so does the image that you are looking at change.  What secret hides in your heart that you have not shared with anyone because it causes you too much shame? What is it that if someone else knew about you that you would just want to go away and never see or talk to them again?   Do you know that most people have a few of those hidden things in their "soul closet? "  So today I invite you to use some of your energy to shine on that dark spot on your soul.   I encourage you to write it down in one sentence.  Look at it.  Notice the shame, anguish, dread that you feel about it.   Imagine a gentle and loving entity reading it with you. Listen to the entity call you by your name:" _________, you are forgiven." Please don't let this sentence make you feel this sad, bad, sick. Let's walk outside and tear this sentence to pieces until it is so small it is like confetti.   Then let's go on a walk somewhere and let's toss the confetti high in the sky and let it fall to the earth creating a compost for plants to grow.  Take a bottle of water with you and pour it on the confetti to give it a great start at decomposing.  Now, let's you and I walk back to the house where you wrote that sentence and write a new one.  I forgive myself.  Love, your light. "  See your Kalon!

Friday, June 20, 2014




If I spent my 250-word allotment on explaining what KABBALAH is, I am afraid I would miss the point of this important K word.  Suffice to say that KABBALAH is an esoteric system of knowledge most prominent in early Judaism for the purpose of understanding the life force in each of us.  KABBALAH is often referred to as the tree of life; and by studying its ancient wisdom, especially numerology, we can gain insight into our current daily situation.  I am bringing the KABBALAH to your attention in order for you to remember that there are many resources and sources beyond our known self to help us live life in a more alert, conscious, and meaningful way.  We often limit our help from outside resources because we are practicing good old Western self-reliance or because we have been told some practices are evil or bad for us.  I believe we need to grab wisdom from many sources in order to help ourselves live productive and meaningful lives.  The KABBALAH is a powerful resource for us to explore and draw wisdom and insight from its wise teachings.  The KABBALAH is a system of wisdom and understanding that could be called the physics of our soul.  It is the systemic teaching that enables us to tap into our spiritual life.  It is being scientifically discovered that a spiritual life is not an add on of convenience but a necessary part of our wholeness. Emotional, Physical and Spiritual needs are a part of our biology, a part of our Tree of Life.  Carolyn Myss addresses this clearly in her book, ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT.  Take a look. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014




JUBILANT is an outer expression of inner happiness and delight.  Sometimes our parents, teachers, or even friends shame JUBILANT expression as being too over the top or us being too big for our own britches.  The TWENTY MINUTE COACH is giving you full permission to be over the top about something important in your life.  You can be JUBILANT about getting a parking spot in the busy mall or the fact that you got a call from a very important person.  Often, we minimize the “big” things that happen in our daily life as being not important or not big enough.  Yes, perhaps you can imagine being grateful for a convenient parking spot or an important call, but JUBILANT? Yes, be JUBILANT. Living life with exuberance is a JUBILANT way of life.  By practicing being JUBILANT you will feel less depressed, less anxious, and more independent of the circumstances that often make your life miserable.  Being JUBILANT is like the energy conversion of gratitude into humor and expression of delight.  Being JUBILANT should not be saved for special occasions or big events but should be a part of our daily existence.  If you were a prisoner and you needed imaginary ways to entertain yourself, you could spend your mental energy imagining your release date into a great crowd of friendly faces and emotional supporters.  Imagine situations now that will allow your inner JUBILANT self to take center stage and release you from your own emotional prison. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Here is a journal writing exercise that will help you become clear about any situation that you are currently pondering. For example, if you are lonely; depressed; angry; hurt; or feeling any other bothersome emotion, sit down with your pen and your journal and then pretend to be an interested reporter.  An investigative reporter or a great journalist is interested in more than just the facts.  He/she are interested in the context, the background story and the motive.  For instance, picture your loneliness as an animal, object or person.  Spend a moment describing what loneliness wore to the INTERVIEW.  Did loneliness bother to get dressed up or did loneliness show up disheveled?  What jewelry is loneliness wearing?  How old is loneliness?  Now you are ready for the INTERVIEW. The INTERVIEW starts like this, “Loneliness, I see you are about (how many years old)? Can you tell me about the first time you experienced this lonely feeling inside?  Write that down and then ask any INTERVIEW questions that come out of that story.  Can you describe to me what is the hardest part about being lonely?  Can you describe the best time you have had being lonely?  If you don’t like being lonely so much, what stops you from changing?  What steps would you have to take not to be so lonely all of the time?  Which step are you willing to take first?  If your life stays this lonely, what will you have to look forward too?  What can I do to help you change?  Now, you get the point. Use this INTERVIEW method to do your own emotional work.  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014




We need HUMOR in our life.  We need activities that we look forward to because they make us laugh or amuse us into feeling better.  Life is serious but life is absolutely lethal without HUMOR.  HUMOR is not just laughing or experiencing something as funny.  HUMOR is a much deeper and personal response to life that allows entertainment and amusement into the daily moments of life.  Look for HUMOR today. If you have a pet or a small child, those moments will not be hard to find but for those caught up in debt, family discord, depression, and loneliness, HUMOR is much more evasive.  In those cases HUMOR becomes a treasure hunt, a deliberate search for amusing, entertaining and light hearted smiles throughout the dullness of the day.  How to find it?  Do you have a special cartoon character that makes you smile?  If so, Google that character.  Search out comedy clubs in your area to enjoy an evening of someone else’s hard working ability to make you laugh.  Think about it, comedians abound in our society for a reason.  We need them in order to survive the hardships of daily living.  Discover what TV shows, music, or people that make you laugh.  Keep a HUMOR chest in your den of movies, ideas, situations, and other things that make you amused, allowing that genuine smile to cross your face from cheek to cheek.  HUMOR is a moment suspended from daily reality that brightens your mood for a moment and is necessary for your survival. 

Monday, June 16, 2014




Brighten your day with all that is GORGEOUS around you.  Purchase some fresh flowers today and bring them home and place them where you can easily view them.  Enjoy the GORGEOUS colors of your selection.  Choose clothes from your closet today that will inspire you to feel special and extremely pleasing.  Gorgeous does not only mean extremely pleasing, but also splendid, magnificent, dazzling, enjoyable, striking, breath taking and fine.  Give yourself creative license today to celebrate all of the above.  Don’t choose just any coffee cup to drink from, choose a striking one.  Don’t just eat off of any dinnerware, choose your best or the plates that make you smile.  Don’t miss Earth’s greetings and salutations today.  Enjoy the GORGEOUS sunrise, spectacular blooming flower, magnificent bird, and radiant sunset.  Greet yourself in your mirror with a GORGEOUS smile and move into your day ready to dismiss the mediocre and explore the GORGEOUS world all around you.  Do not miss one moment to think GORGEOUS.  Do take extra moments to sip in the special moments and certainly brighten someone else’s day by telling them that they are GORGEOUS or that the blouse or jewelry they are wearing is GORGEOUS.  The more you focus on GORGEOUS the happier, brighter, and more positive your mood will become.  Notice as you look around your environment what you can change to be GORGEOUS.  Does artwork need to be moved forward?  Will a wall of paint change a room from dull to GORGEOUS.  Recycle your wardrobe into a GORGEOUS selection of smiling clothes.  

Sunday, June 15, 2014




The Twenty Minute Coach is lightening the mood a bit with this word FIESTA. That brings immediate images of party, parade, food, dance, music, and good friends to the mind.  Did you know that the original Latin and Spanish use of the word was derived to worship a saint? I am sure there is more to that story.  However, in the meantime of all of this politico stuff, celebrate yourself with a FIESTA!  You don’t have to wait for your birthday, Cingo DeMayo, Fourth of July of any other reason to have a FIESTA.  You don’t even have to be saint.  You might want to choose a Greek god or goddess to celebrate.  But for no reason at all have a FIESTA.  THIS IS COACHES ORDERS:  celebrate with a FIESTA of food, fun, dance, music, many brilliant colors and friends.  Have your own personal FIESTA and celebrate the fact that you are still breathing.  To start, choose at least three people to invite.  There are at least three in your life if you choose from work, family, and acquaintances.  Next, choose your favorite colors and use that color scheme to decorate.  Choose your favorite foods and use that as your food theme and add your favorite music.  Choose a date and time and voila, you have a FIESTA in the making.  Now, enjoy the creation of this FIESTA.  Who is on your list? What does the invite look like?  What recipes from your favorite foods and is music via speakers or do you want your own DJ?  See, there are endless possibilities.  Enjoy all of them. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014




Wow, there are so many forms of energy that it becomes hard to focus on one with a 250 word maximum.  What was the first thought that came to mind when you saw that ENERGY is the Twenty Minute Coach’s word of the day?  Was it kinetic ENERGY? That is ENERGY that moves an object.  Get up out of your computer chair and do 10 jumping jacks.  You have just practiced the use of kinetic ENERGY by moving your body.  If you walk outside and stay in the light for twenty minutes you acquire your vitamin D for today from the radiant ENERGY of light.  If you lift weights, you use gravitation ENERGY.  If you wrap up in a blanket you are using thermal ENERGY.  If you purchase a Starbucks you are exercising economic ENERGY.  If you brew your tea outdoors you are using solar ENERGY.  If you touch your toes or reach for the stars you are practicing elastic ENERGY.  If you are pulled toward another book, most likely magnetic ENERGY is at play.  If you eat a healthy lunch you are providing your body with metabolic ENERGY to fuel your afternoon activities.  If you observe a lightening strike you have observed 500 megajoules of electric potential ENERGY converted in light ENERGY, sound ENERGY, and thermal ENERGY.  ENERGY surrounds us and available and potential ENERGY is at our beckon call.  It cannot be destroyed nor can it be created.  It is there for our use always.  In the meantime take a nap and practice resting ENERGY. 

Friday, June 13, 2014




Now that you have called out the battle cry and are headed in the direction necessary to change your life, it is time to plant your feet firmly in DETERMINATION.  Being DETERMINED means being firm in your choice and decision. It means you are resolute to finish that which you started.  Nothing will get in the way of a DETERMINED decision.  Action is the step that you need to take daily to bring your DETERMINATION to life.  Each time you take a step of action you are acting DETERMINED.  Without DETERMINATION nothing gets finished. Without DETERMINATION warriors turn around and go home, football teams walk off of the field, and students quit when life gets tough.  

DETERMINATION is not something you are born with, however, it did require that you have some of it get through that birth canal.  Had you not fought hard to get your 3-12 pound self out of that womb you would have died, smothered in a womb you had outgrown.  There are two major ingredients in this process.  First, your situation that you are currently in has become as uncomfortable as your mother’s womb.  Second, now in order for you to move past this uncomfortable space your life you need to use that same DETERMINATION you had pre-birth to battle yourself into your next life’s choice.  If you have given up on yourself then it is time to get into trenches and DETERMINE to make new, educated, and calculated choices to get what you want.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014




CALL the Battle cry.  Make your voice known.  Speak into thin air that which you need.  CALL your name out and see how that sounds hearing you call to yourself by name.  There are times when you need to CALL your name in firmness just like a parent called your name when you were in danger.  “___________, Stop that.”  There are also times when you need to CALL your own name gently.  For instance,  “__________________, I hear you are upset right now.  Tell me what you are feeling.”  To speak aloud our own name or to speak aloud that which we need is one way of being proactive in being present in your life.  CALLING aloud your own name is a way of declaring that you exist and that you mean business.  CALL your own phone and leave yourself an encouraging message or a reminder as to what your current goal is.  It is also important to CALL for help.  When you are in an emergency situation, hopefully you don’t think twice about calling 911.  What makes you wait until your emotional pain is unbearable to call your therapist or a friend?  Part of this Twenty Minute Coach process is to recognize that it takes a village to live a happy productive life and that you don’t have to stay stuck in a vacuum.  CALL into existence what it is that you need. Use your voice to speak deliberately and with conviction that which you declare that you want now. CALL out!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014




A BATTLE is not just a fight for fighting sake.  A BATTLE is a well thought our plan and strategy for defeating the enemy in ways that liberate you.  Notice the word used is not “kill” the enemy, but defeat the enemy.  Our anger often gets in the way of us living conscious healthy lifestyle choices and we end up trying to kill off that which bugs us rather than defeat it or render it powerless.  I tell the parents of teenage kids to choose their BATTLES with their children wisely, less they be fighting all of the time.  We are at the half-way point of the TWENY-MINUTE COACH now it is important to increase our energy for change and focus again of what is working and not working in our daily life.  A war cry lets the enemy know that you mean business.  Do you really mean business?  Do you really want to change and get what you want out of life or is that default button on?  A BATTLE?  Yes, life is often a BATTLE but what is missing is a well –organized strategy to get what you want.  Becoming complacent is dangerous on the BATTLE field.  The enemy is waiting for you to get lackadaisical.  The enemy wants to defeat you and send your back into your depression.  Be a warrior wizard and BATTLE until you see results.  You are capable of winning what you want, so look at your strategy, tweak it and move forward with the armor of great warrior prepared for BATTLE.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014




Being ALERT to the moment you are living in currently is the most important thing you can do on a daily basis.  ALERT has a sense of wakefulness about it and at times a sense of urgency to it.  Notice the colors, smells, textures, and nuances around you. Noticing is the action of awareness.  Alertness takes it one step further.  Notice what is different about your environment and then add the component of feeling to it.  How are you feeling good about the space you are in?   What can you change to help you feel better?  

If you took a moment and closed your eyes, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  It came from your unedited gut.  It is attempting to tell you something important but you keep pushing it away.  This, “first thing,” might be as simple as remembering the dishes in the sink.  If so, just get up and do them.  But this “first thing” might be that gnawing thought that you are not happy at your job.  That is more complex, but still needs you to be ALERT and take action to do something different about it in order to be happier in your life.  Thus be ALERT!  Be ALERT to all of the nuances in your environment and your emotional belly so that you can live a life as deliberate and as happy as possible.  Being ALERT is having the “on” switch on in your emotional belly.  Be ALERT to it. 

Monday, June 9, 2014



Be ZEALOUS about something.  It is impossible to be ZEALOUS about everything so be ZEALOUS about something in your life.  Even if it is your new found Yoga practice, training for a 10 K run, or the hot political topic of our time. Discover something that you can devote your passion too and be ZEALOUS about it by investing time and energy to your new project daily.  Devote your self to this cause in an ardent and courageous fashion.  Bypass your shyness and move forward discovering more about that which burns a hole in your soul, driving you to do something that matters to you.  It does not matter if it does not matter to one other person. It only has to matter to you. If it does not matter to you, then you are not ZEALOUS.  If it matters to you do not be lackadaisicalabout it, but ZEALOUS and work diligently on it giving it everything that you have.  Energy is created when the fervor of ZEALOUS passion is burning beneath the surface.  It is that ZEALOUS energy that moves mountains and overcomes obstacles that your inner Wizard flies over risking all to achieve your heart’s desire.  Being ZEALOUS about something may not be comfortable to who you are and it may even bring social or familial disapproval, but don’t let anyone or anything stand your way from accomplishing your goals.  Let yourself be ZEALOUS and watch mountains move right before your very eyes.  Zealous is an enthusiastic energy that will multiply when given attention.

Sunday, June 8, 2014




YOGA is not a trend.  YOGA has existed in Eastern countries as long as history has been documented.  The word YOGA is an umbrella term for a variety of teachings and is a multi-layered system of practice to bring forth the best in you.   The Twenty Minute Coach invites you to check YOGA out.  There are many APPS available for download, T.V. thirty-minute practices on regular channels, and a YOGA studio on every corner.  So how do you choose which practice will work for you?  Rather than going to one YOGA class and saying, “YOGA is not for me or this is too hard,” try at least three different types.  I use the three- rule when I am helping people choose a good psychotherapist or life coach.  I tell them to interview or experience three different people and choose one from those three to work with for a period of time.  It is the same with YOGA.  Go to a studio that is convenient and has classes for beginners at a time frame that works for you.  Download an APP or watch a few poses on UTUBE.  Then practice those poses until you feel some sense of success.  Next, Google YOGA practices on line and learn a little more about them.  Practice YOGA for thirty days and you may find yourself hooked and seeking more.  Be gentle with yourself and allow your consciousness and inner core to strengthen through your practice.  YOGA will help build your emotional and spiritual discipline allowing you to expand your positive energy in your daily life.