Tuesday, June 3, 2014




Get TOUGH.  Build a sense of resilience to bounce back from life’s obstacles and difficulties.  As you know life is full of them and we cannot allow life to throw us down the chute into defeat.  Get up, dust off and go back to your desire, goal, or dream and accomplish it. It is okay to cry and then wipe away the snot and start all over again.  Be TOUGH enough to withstand arduous situations and people who hurt your feelings.  You can be TOUGH.  Lazy people are not TOUGH.  You can TOUGHEN up and overcome life’s hardships.  Ground Zero is something all of us can learn from.  The enemy might take out the structure, kill and harm those in the area at that moment, but we will overcome all of that and start over at Ground Zero, because we are TOUGH.  Mary J. Blige sings these words in The Living Proof in the movie the help, “it is gonna be a long long journey, it’s gonna be an uphill climb, it’s gonna be a tough fight, there’s gonna be some lonely nights, but I’m ready to carry on.”  Get TOUGH and carry on.  Get your climb on, so what if it is TOUGH?  It may make you want to quit.  We all feel that way from time to time, but just because you want to quit does not mean that you quit.  Get TOUGH and get on with your life.  Stop whining and be TOUGH. 

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