Saturday, June 21, 2014




When we were in the "B" words, we explored Brilliant.  Today we are going to play with light again.  Light is a form of energy that allows you to see things.  As light changes, so does the image that you are looking at change.  What secret hides in your heart that you have not shared with anyone because it causes you too much shame? What is it that if someone else knew about you that you would just want to go away and never see or talk to them again?   Do you know that most people have a few of those hidden things in their "soul closet? "  So today I invite you to use some of your energy to shine on that dark spot on your soul.   I encourage you to write it down in one sentence.  Look at it.  Notice the shame, anguish, dread that you feel about it.   Imagine a gentle and loving entity reading it with you. Listen to the entity call you by your name:" _________, you are forgiven." Please don't let this sentence make you feel this sad, bad, sick. Let's walk outside and tear this sentence to pieces until it is so small it is like confetti.   Then let's go on a walk somewhere and let's toss the confetti high in the sky and let it fall to the earth creating a compost for plants to grow.  Take a bottle of water with you and pour it on the confetti to give it a great start at decomposing.  Now, let's you and I walk back to the house where you wrote that sentence and write a new one.  I forgive myself.  Love, your light. "  See your Kalon!

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