Sunday, June 8, 2014




YOGA is not a trend.  YOGA has existed in Eastern countries as long as history has been documented.  The word YOGA is an umbrella term for a variety of teachings and is a multi-layered system of practice to bring forth the best in you.   The Twenty Minute Coach invites you to check YOGA out.  There are many APPS available for download, T.V. thirty-minute practices on regular channels, and a YOGA studio on every corner.  So how do you choose which practice will work for you?  Rather than going to one YOGA class and saying, “YOGA is not for me or this is too hard,” try at least three different types.  I use the three- rule when I am helping people choose a good psychotherapist or life coach.  I tell them to interview or experience three different people and choose one from those three to work with for a period of time.  It is the same with YOGA.  Go to a studio that is convenient and has classes for beginners at a time frame that works for you.  Download an APP or watch a few poses on UTUBE.  Then practice those poses until you feel some sense of success.  Next, Google YOGA practices on line and learn a little more about them.  Practice YOGA for thirty days and you may find yourself hooked and seeking more.  Be gentle with yourself and allow your consciousness and inner core to strengthen through your practice.  YOGA will help build your emotional and spiritual discipline allowing you to expand your positive energy in your daily life. 

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