Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Here is a journal writing exercise that will help you become clear about any situation that you are currently pondering. For example, if you are lonely; depressed; angry; hurt; or feeling any other bothersome emotion, sit down with your pen and your journal and then pretend to be an interested reporter.  An investigative reporter or a great journalist is interested in more than just the facts.  He/she are interested in the context, the background story and the motive.  For instance, picture your loneliness as an animal, object or person.  Spend a moment describing what loneliness wore to the INTERVIEW.  Did loneliness bother to get dressed up or did loneliness show up disheveled?  What jewelry is loneliness wearing?  How old is loneliness?  Now you are ready for the INTERVIEW. The INTERVIEW starts like this, “Loneliness, I see you are about (how many years old)? Can you tell me about the first time you experienced this lonely feeling inside?  Write that down and then ask any INTERVIEW questions that come out of that story.  Can you describe to me what is the hardest part about being lonely?  Can you describe the best time you have had being lonely?  If you don’t like being lonely so much, what stops you from changing?  What steps would you have to take not to be so lonely all of the time?  Which step are you willing to take first?  If your life stays this lonely, what will you have to look forward too?  What can I do to help you change?  Now, you get the point. Use this INTERVIEW method to do your own emotional work.  

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