Friday, June 13, 2014




Now that you have called out the battle cry and are headed in the direction necessary to change your life, it is time to plant your feet firmly in DETERMINATION.  Being DETERMINED means being firm in your choice and decision. It means you are resolute to finish that which you started.  Nothing will get in the way of a DETERMINED decision.  Action is the step that you need to take daily to bring your DETERMINATION to life.  Each time you take a step of action you are acting DETERMINED.  Without DETERMINATION nothing gets finished. Without DETERMINATION warriors turn around and go home, football teams walk off of the field, and students quit when life gets tough.  

DETERMINATION is not something you are born with, however, it did require that you have some of it get through that birth canal.  Had you not fought hard to get your 3-12 pound self out of that womb you would have died, smothered in a womb you had outgrown.  There are two major ingredients in this process.  First, your situation that you are currently in has become as uncomfortable as your mother’s womb.  Second, now in order for you to move past this uncomfortable space your life you need to use that same DETERMINATION you had pre-birth to battle yourself into your next life’s choice.  If you have given up on yourself then it is time to get into trenches and DETERMINE to make new, educated, and calculated choices to get what you want.  

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