Thursday, June 5, 2014


Valor is the High Road of Determination


Personal bravery and determination when facing challenging and dangerous situation is a good description of the word VALOR.  Some of us shine in crisis situations and fall apart when the coffee grinds slip to the side of the trash can rather than into the garbage bag.  VALOR in day-to-day life rises to the occasion of living a life of conscious choice.  Conscious choice means practicing VALOR in the midst of a broken sprinkler, coffee grinds on the floor and that one extra demand from a child, spouse, friend or family member.  Personal firmness not to give into old behaviors but to practice VALOR as a daily commitment to excellence is important for personal courage and happiness.  Let us face it.  Life is not smooth; something is always interrupting our unconscious plans and creating havoc with our daily schedule.  Determination to practice kindness, patience, and compassion in the middle of your personal chaos is a conscious choice of VALOR.  Even when you want to scream, cuss, or throw something you consciously focus on your breath and choose a courageous choice of VALOR, responding with compassion instead of rage or hatefulness.  VALOR is the high road of determination when you are tired and the last straw has broken.  VALOR is the bravery to say, “I am sorry.  That was not appropriate.”  Challenging situations are the day-to-day situations that are always coming at us.  Meetingsituations that present us with emotional danger with VALOR is living positively in the present.

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