Sunday, June 1, 2014



RESPOND to life.  Do not live life by default.  Live life by RESPONDING to your individual situation that you find yourself in right now.  Do not become passive. Do not ignore that which needs your attention regardless of how small or big that need.  Your pet deserves you to RESPOND to him or her with a pat, a smile, or a toss of a toy.  RESPOND to your co-workers and maybe take a special fruit or vegetable tray to share with them.  RESPOND to your family.  Take an electronic free day and RESPOND to your life and those in it.  Send a real card in the mail, pick up the phone and call a friend, or invite someone to lunch or coffee.  RESPOND to your life today by taking advantage of the many opportunities around you.  Be like a first RESPONDER.  Be prepared to take advantage of unexpected opportunities that come your way.  Explore your neighborhood and maybe you will find a drumming class or a hiking expedition to take advantage of because you are alert and ready to RESPOND to all possibilities that come your way.  Do not be lazy or asleep on your job of life. RESPOND to those who need your attention, care, compassion or just a gentle smile.  Do not walk into the super market as if you are sleep-walking.  RESPOND to strangers around you as if they make a difference because they do.  RESPOND to this opportunity to get your life off of the default button.

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