Sunday, June 29, 2014




TRUST is an assured reliance on someone or something that is dependable, honest, forthright, and strong according to the dictionaries that abound.  In our Western culture we loosely have it on our coins but no one really knows why anymore and it does seem so trite.  TRUST is precious and should not be given lightly because when someone breaks your TRUST, a wound is created inside of you that when it heals it heals with a scar that carries a story.  That unfortunate story becomes a memory that overshadows true TRUST in the future.  Thus, I would say TRUST is conditional and must be granted based on history of integrity, honesty, and actions that match the words coming out of someone else’s mouth.  However, much more important to the TWENTY MINUTE COACH is self TRUST.  Do you TRUST yourself?  Do your actions match the words coming out of your mouth?  Does your heart agree with your head?  Are you congruent in the way that you deal with the world around you, especially your loved ones?
The hard work of TRUST starts with you.  If you do not TRUST yourself, then you will never TRUST someone else.  I work with people who are suspicious, paranoid, and afraid.  When we get to the root of his/her issue the bottom line is that he/she does not TRUST his/her self.  They keep reporting that they let themselves down all the time by not doing what he/she says they will do.  TRUST yourself in just one thing and then add to it from there

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