Thursday, June 12, 2014




CALL the Battle cry.  Make your voice known.  Speak into thin air that which you need.  CALL your name out and see how that sounds hearing you call to yourself by name.  There are times when you need to CALL your name in firmness just like a parent called your name when you were in danger.  “___________, Stop that.”  There are also times when you need to CALL your own name gently.  For instance,  “__________________, I hear you are upset right now.  Tell me what you are feeling.”  To speak aloud our own name or to speak aloud that which we need is one way of being proactive in being present in your life.  CALLING aloud your own name is a way of declaring that you exist and that you mean business.  CALL your own phone and leave yourself an encouraging message or a reminder as to what your current goal is.  It is also important to CALL for help.  When you are in an emergency situation, hopefully you don’t think twice about calling 911.  What makes you wait until your emotional pain is unbearable to call your therapist or a friend?  Part of this Twenty Minute Coach process is to recognize that it takes a village to live a happy productive life and that you don’t have to stay stuck in a vacuum.  CALL into existence what it is that you need. Use your voice to speak deliberately and with conviction that which you declare that you want now. CALL out!

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