Thursday, June 19, 2014




JUBILANT is an outer expression of inner happiness and delight.  Sometimes our parents, teachers, or even friends shame JUBILANT expression as being too over the top or us being too big for our own britches.  The TWENTY MINUTE COACH is giving you full permission to be over the top about something important in your life.  You can be JUBILANT about getting a parking spot in the busy mall or the fact that you got a call from a very important person.  Often, we minimize the “big” things that happen in our daily life as being not important or not big enough.  Yes, perhaps you can imagine being grateful for a convenient parking spot or an important call, but JUBILANT? Yes, be JUBILANT. Living life with exuberance is a JUBILANT way of life.  By practicing being JUBILANT you will feel less depressed, less anxious, and more independent of the circumstances that often make your life miserable.  Being JUBILANT is like the energy conversion of gratitude into humor and expression of delight.  Being JUBILANT should not be saved for special occasions or big events but should be a part of our daily existence.  If you were a prisoner and you needed imaginary ways to entertain yourself, you could spend your mental energy imagining your release date into a great crowd of friendly faces and emotional supporters.  Imagine situations now that will allow your inner JUBILANT self to take center stage and release you from your own emotional prison. 

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