Monday, June 23, 2014




Walking on water, practicing invisibility and focusing on the possibilities of what can go right, the Japanese NINJA leaves no room for the enemy. Train in being a NINJA.  You are born with the same powers with as everyone else;however, you need to practice discipline and a sense of a purpose. Training in making your life Robin Hood like or NINJA Turtle like means living with an eye that looks for what is needed in any given situation of care, love, or peace and then doing all that is necessary to illuminate those needs and meet them.  Sometimes it does not help to move at a turtle’s pace but you may have to morph into a super star that is on a mission to make a difference.  Being a NINJA means to use alternative ways, ways that are underground, and possibly even secret to get the good accomplished in the world, even your world.  Ever notice that sometimes when you make an announcement like, “I am going to ______________,” that your brain kicks in and says, “No you are not going to be able to succeed at that.”  Then you share that idea or dream with a friend or colleague and they say, “How is that going to work?”  Or something subtler, “That seems impossible.”  This is when you need your NINJA to train and conquer.  Go underground and get what you want. Train in covert operations that change the way you approach the world.  Learn from your past and train in the present.

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