Friday, June 6, 2014


I love the synchronicity of the TWENTY-MINUTE COACH.  Yesterday’s word was Valor.  Today’s word is WIZARD. Yes, it takes magic to practice Valor, and learning to be a WIZARD will help you practice Valor in your day-to-day life.  Living consciously is the magic of being a WIZARD.  I have a whole series called, “Discover Your Inner Wizard.”  You do have a skillful wise part of yourself who is capable of flying under the radar when necessary or who is also capable of whirling around a magic wand to make someone else’s day spectacular.  A simple smile at a complete stranger is being a WIZARD, by transforming someone’s boring or sad day into a day of good cheer.  Being a WIZARD is fun and gives you permission to be spontaneous and shower folks with unexpected gifts of happiness, such as a card out of nowhere, a telephone call saying, “Hi, just calling you because I can to let you know I am thinking of you.”  Being a WIZARD allows you to walk through walls of defense, smash down angry attitudes with gentleness, andcreate opportunities where there appears to be no possibilities.  Stretch into your WIZARD clothes, put on your magical hat, and look deep within your heart to discover the magic of love, compassion and gratitude. The more grateful you are the more magical and WIZARD like you become.  Look into your bag of magic tricks and go forth today to unleash your inner WIZARD on all of those around you.  Be sure to get your smile on.

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