Sunday, June 15, 2014




The Twenty Minute Coach is lightening the mood a bit with this word FIESTA. That brings immediate images of party, parade, food, dance, music, and good friends to the mind.  Did you know that the original Latin and Spanish use of the word was derived to worship a saint? I am sure there is more to that story.  However, in the meantime of all of this politico stuff, celebrate yourself with a FIESTA!  You don’t have to wait for your birthday, Cingo DeMayo, Fourth of July of any other reason to have a FIESTA.  You don’t even have to be saint.  You might want to choose a Greek god or goddess to celebrate.  But for no reason at all have a FIESTA.  THIS IS COACHES ORDERS:  celebrate with a FIESTA of food, fun, dance, music, many brilliant colors and friends.  Have your own personal FIESTA and celebrate the fact that you are still breathing.  To start, choose at least three people to invite.  There are at least three in your life if you choose from work, family, and acquaintances.  Next, choose your favorite colors and use that color scheme to decorate.  Choose your favorite foods and use that as your food theme and add your favorite music.  Choose a date and time and voila, you have a FIESTA in the making.  Now, enjoy the creation of this FIESTA.  Who is on your list? What does the invite look like?  What recipes from your favorite foods and is music via speakers or do you want your own DJ?  See, there are endless possibilities.  Enjoy all of them. 

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