Saturday, June 28, 2014




What in the world is SPIRITUALITY and why does it matter to you?  I believe life is complicated and I realize some of you do just fine living in very pragmatic ways.  For me, I need something more.  I need ritual, ceremony, symbolism, metaphor, art, and all other sorts of things to keep the complications of life meaningful and interesting.  SPIRITUALITY for me is the essence of existence.  I find life boring without it.  It is easy to get to the place of “what is the point?”  

SPIRITUALITY keeps me in the center of the Labyrinth so to speak.  SPIRITUALITY helps me focus on the path and purpose of life.  SPIRITUALITY is about connection, deep connection to something greater than myself, something deep inside of my being that I yearn to know.  SPIRITUALITY is not out there somewhere; it is deep within the DNA, a memory of life greater than the sum of the parts of this life. SPIRITUALITY is the gestalt that sums up the need for creativity, experience, need, and purpose.  Think about the places in nature that you enjoy.  What do the mountains or the ocean do for you?  Where are those places within you that make you feel alive and vibrant?  For me that is the essence of SPIRITUALITY, that indefinable feeling of inner ecstasy that says I am not alone and I am home.  As the Kingfish of your life you get to decide what SPIRITUALITY means to you.   Don’t let others do that for you, but do spend some time exploring this important word for yourself. I know that SPIRITUALITY helps with Rigorous and Quality. 

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