Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Going back to Greek literature we find that an ORACLE was a person who offered prophetic predictions and words of wisdom inspired by the divine.  In researching this word, almost all ORACLES in Greek literature were female, and of the priestess sort.  I joke that men were just too hard headed to trust an inner voice of intuition, spirit, or some wisdom that may not make rational sense.  However, your life is no joke whether you are male or female, the divine loves you and attempts to speak to you and through you in many diverse ways.  The messages of the ORACLE within and actually being quiet enough to hear what the ORACLE has to say is a big part of growing up and becoming the adult you are meant to be.  You can believe you are alone in this world or you can live a more delightful life by inviting the ORACLE of the Divine to speak to you about all or any of those things on your heart.  The ORACLE has wisdom and can show you which path to take when you get to a crossroads.  That sometimes small voice within you is there for a reason and it is important to stop the chatter of the brain and go deep into your heart of hearts and listen.  You do not have to take any action right away as this ORACLE takes time to cultivated and for you to develop trust in the ORACLE and discernment.  Train in listening first. Action comes with practice.

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