Friday, June 27, 2014




RENEW that dream you put away.  RENEW a sense of delight in life.  RENEW is a word that implies starting over with a sense of force, new energy and a sense of direction.  RENEW is a way of saying yes to life.  One can restore a piece of furniture but one can also RENEW it.  Restoring a piece of furniture would mean returning it to its original state of being.  RENEWING a piece of furniture would mean to take a piece of furniture that is dull and useless and not only restore it but to take it beyond its original use.  For instance, if you turn a bar stool into a planter then you have RENEWED it into a creative, interesting and useful piece of furniture. Now, it is time to RENEW your daily life and add a sense of spice and useful creativeness to it.  You often here of people RENEWING their wedding vows or RENEWING their baptismal vows.  By doing this each participant is acknowledging that he/she has become dull and useless and now he/she is bringing to his/her relationship or spirituality a new self, a self, filled with zest for creativity and spontaneity.  Look around your environment and find something easy like a picture in a frame and either place a new photo in the frame or buy a new frame for the photo.  Notice how that makes you feel.  Then practice that same RENEWAL with something specific in your life. 

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