Wednesday, June 11, 2014




A BATTLE is not just a fight for fighting sake.  A BATTLE is a well thought our plan and strategy for defeating the enemy in ways that liberate you.  Notice the word used is not “kill” the enemy, but defeat the enemy.  Our anger often gets in the way of us living conscious healthy lifestyle choices and we end up trying to kill off that which bugs us rather than defeat it or render it powerless.  I tell the parents of teenage kids to choose their BATTLES with their children wisely, less they be fighting all of the time.  We are at the half-way point of the TWENY-MINUTE COACH now it is important to increase our energy for change and focus again of what is working and not working in our daily life.  A war cry lets the enemy know that you mean business.  Do you really mean business?  Do you really want to change and get what you want out of life or is that default button on?  A BATTLE?  Yes, life is often a BATTLE but what is missing is a well –organized strategy to get what you want.  Becoming complacent is dangerous on the BATTLE field.  The enemy is waiting for you to get lackadaisical.  The enemy wants to defeat you and send your back into your depression.  Be a warrior wizard and BATTLE until you see results.  You are capable of winning what you want, so look at your strategy, tweak it and move forward with the armor of great warrior prepared for BATTLE.  

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