Wednesday, June 4, 2014




UNBLOCK and make free, release your inner potential.  Most of us have had an experience of feeling blocked.  Writers experience it so often that they have a name for it: writer’s block.  In order to UNBLOCK your energy you must move.  Yes move your body.  Get up and stretch for ten minutes or walk outside and around the block.  Observe your environment.  Notice what you usually don’t bother to see.  UNBLOCK your attention and allow it to wander around and explore what is right there in front of you.  UNBLOCK you positive voice. Let it out and express your thoughts and dreams.  Put fear in a box, while you move forward UNBLOCKING the energy that you need to accomplish all that you want to experience in your life today and tomorrow.  Fear blocks us from accomplishing that which we desire.  Fear fills us with what if.   UNBLOCK the voice that is waiting to say,  “You can do this.”  “It is okay.”  UNBLOCKING your potential requires that you take positive action.  It requires that you move toward, around, under, through, or over the obstacle that is keeping you stuck.  When you are on a drive going to a destination and you come to road- block, you can’t just sit there neither is it appropriate for you to turn around and go home.  You have a destination that you are headed toward.  There are many ways to get to the same destination.  It may be a detour, but UNBLOCK your resistance and move toward your destination today. 

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