Thursday, June 26, 2014



Being in a QUANDARY, a perplexing and complicated situation, is really a good place to be.  A QUANDARY will in all likelihood be uncomfortable, challenging and perhaps even emotionally painful or draining.  A QUANDARY requires that you examine all of your options, possibilities, available resources and then look inside and ask, “What is it that I really want?”  A QUANDARY forces you to think, act, and review what it is that needs to happen next.  A QUANDARY is a gift from the trickster (the Coyote) in Native American literature or the Jester in European traditions that sneaks up on us when we are least expecting it and makes us think again about the unconscious choices we are making in our daily life.  A QUANDARY will most likely pop up at some inconvenient moment when we are least expecting it and say, “Now, what are you going to do?”  A QUANDARY has the potential of making you into an anxious bundle of nerves or creating an awesome opportunity for growth and change.  Think about this way, you will be anxious and uncomfortable regardless, so therefore you might as well take a risk and resolve the QUANDARY with a decision and enjoy the outcome of change rather than staying in the same old rut of angst that drives you into depression, fear and despair.  Enjoy the perplexity of your QUANDARY and move forward into your life living it more fully, because remember you are priceless. 

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