Monday, June 16, 2014




Brighten your day with all that is GORGEOUS around you.  Purchase some fresh flowers today and bring them home and place them where you can easily view them.  Enjoy the GORGEOUS colors of your selection.  Choose clothes from your closet today that will inspire you to feel special and extremely pleasing.  Gorgeous does not only mean extremely pleasing, but also splendid, magnificent, dazzling, enjoyable, striking, breath taking and fine.  Give yourself creative license today to celebrate all of the above.  Don’t choose just any coffee cup to drink from, choose a striking one.  Don’t just eat off of any dinnerware, choose your best or the plates that make you smile.  Don’t miss Earth’s greetings and salutations today.  Enjoy the GORGEOUS sunrise, spectacular blooming flower, magnificent bird, and radiant sunset.  Greet yourself in your mirror with a GORGEOUS smile and move into your day ready to dismiss the mediocre and explore the GORGEOUS world all around you.  Do not miss one moment to think GORGEOUS.  Do take extra moments to sip in the special moments and certainly brighten someone else’s day by telling them that they are GORGEOUS or that the blouse or jewelry they are wearing is GORGEOUS.  The more you focus on GORGEOUS the happier, brighter, and more positive your mood will become.  Notice as you look around your environment what you can change to be GORGEOUS.  Does artwork need to be moved forward?  Will a wall of paint change a room from dull to GORGEOUS.  Recycle your wardrobe into a GORGEOUS selection of smiling clothes.  

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