Sunday, June 22, 2014




Get your MOJO on!  Inside of you there is an energy source that will awaken if you start feeding it rather than starving it. MOJO is that indefinable quality of the life source energy the Twenty Minute Coach has been speaking about.  MOJO is that charismatic part of you that opens up when you dance, drum, chant, sing, or any other activity that your physical body participates in.  If you are depressed your MOJO has been stolen.  Don’t just wallow in your situational depression; call out the battle cry and dance.  When you dance your MOJO will hearyou and begin returning to you. When you stop dancing your MOJO will not have the energy to fight off the thieves that stole it.  MOJO needs your active energy to bring it to you. MOJO only shows up when invited and only stays while you honor and embrace it.  If you wallow in your situation MOJO becomes weak.  If you say to me, “but I can’t do anything about my situation,” I will say, “Can you dance, sing, drum, walk or chant?”  If you tell me no I will say, “Come back when you can do one of these things and we will call MOJO back together. MOJO is that energy that wins, battles, and overcomes the nastiness of depression and leaves no room for anxiety.  You cannot be anxious while you dance because you stop dancing.  Your MOJO is your beloved friend who wants you to move into your full potential.  Find yours today!

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