Friday, June 20, 2014




If I spent my 250-word allotment on explaining what KABBALAH is, I am afraid I would miss the point of this important K word.  Suffice to say that KABBALAH is an esoteric system of knowledge most prominent in early Judaism for the purpose of understanding the life force in each of us.  KABBALAH is often referred to as the tree of life; and by studying its ancient wisdom, especially numerology, we can gain insight into our current daily situation.  I am bringing the KABBALAH to your attention in order for you to remember that there are many resources and sources beyond our known self to help us live life in a more alert, conscious, and meaningful way.  We often limit our help from outside resources because we are practicing good old Western self-reliance or because we have been told some practices are evil or bad for us.  I believe we need to grab wisdom from many sources in order to help ourselves live productive and meaningful lives.  The KABBALAH is a powerful resource for us to explore and draw wisdom and insight from its wise teachings.  The KABBALAH is a system of wisdom and understanding that could be called the physics of our soul.  It is the systemic teaching that enables us to tap into our spiritual life.  It is being scientifically discovered that a spiritual life is not an add on of convenience but a necessary part of our wholeness. Emotional, Physical and Spiritual needs are a part of our biology, a part of our Tree of Life.  Carolyn Myss addresses this clearly in her book, ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT.  Take a look. 

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