Saturday, June 14, 2014




Wow, there are so many forms of energy that it becomes hard to focus on one with a 250 word maximum.  What was the first thought that came to mind when you saw that ENERGY is the Twenty Minute Coach’s word of the day?  Was it kinetic ENERGY? That is ENERGY that moves an object.  Get up out of your computer chair and do 10 jumping jacks.  You have just practiced the use of kinetic ENERGY by moving your body.  If you walk outside and stay in the light for twenty minutes you acquire your vitamin D for today from the radiant ENERGY of light.  If you lift weights, you use gravitation ENERGY.  If you wrap up in a blanket you are using thermal ENERGY.  If you purchase a Starbucks you are exercising economic ENERGY.  If you brew your tea outdoors you are using solar ENERGY.  If you touch your toes or reach for the stars you are practicing elastic ENERGY.  If you are pulled toward another book, most likely magnetic ENERGY is at play.  If you eat a healthy lunch you are providing your body with metabolic ENERGY to fuel your afternoon activities.  If you observe a lightening strike you have observed 500 megajoules of electric potential ENERGY converted in light ENERGY, sound ENERGY, and thermal ENERGY.  ENERGY surrounds us and available and potential ENERGY is at our beckon call.  It cannot be destroyed nor can it be created.  It is there for our use always.  In the meantime take a nap and practice resting ENERGY. 

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