Monday, June 30, 2014



UNITE the many parts within yourself.  UNITE your desires to work for you rather than to pull you in a million directions.  I challenge you to take a twenty- minute break with your journal.  Turn to the next blank page and draw a big circle.  In the circle write words that define your many parts.  For example: inner child, inner teen-ager, resentful one, joyful one, sad one, mad one, happy one, hopeful one, honest one, deceitful one, fearful one, healthy one, unhealthy parts, and other emotional parts as they come up.  Next draw different color circles around each of these words.  Take a breath and look at all of those parts of yourself competing for your attention.  Each part needs you desperately to pay attention to it.  Each part has a story to tell.  Mary Catherine Bates said, “An untold story is a difficult story to claim.”  I might change that to, “An untold story is waiting for your attention in order to heal.”  Interesting shame is positively mitigated by the telling of our stories to compassionate and non-judgmental friends.  In order to heal we must be able to trust at some basic level that our story is just like many other people’s story, but with different characters.  We heal in community by UNITING together with our tribe of like-minded and compassionate folks. UNITE on the inside and then UNITE on the outside with all of those whom you care about and care about you.  UNITE always. 

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