Tuesday, July 1, 2014




VINDICATE yourself from your self-judging and blaming ways.  I am not suggesting that you let yourself off the hook; I am demanding you let yourself out of jail.  VINDICATE and support your inner being.  Build from the ground up.  Get out of your head and down to the root of your being.  Again draw a big circle in your journal and put all of those shaming, blaming, judgmental words into the circle.  Now take a yellow crayon or highlighter and draw a circle around each of those words.  VINDICATE yourself through self –forgiveness.  Let the color of yellow represent light, love, healing and forgiveness.  Each of those words inside your circle keep you trapped in your own jail cell.  It is highly probable that your shame causes you to avoid rather than to VINDICATE.   Avoidance energy is draining and makes you fatigued, fat, and listless.  The energy of VINDICATION is positive, exhilarating, and healing.   If you find a word in your circle that you say, “I can never forgive myself for this,” then seek out a priest, psychotherapist, or coach to help you find away to VINDICATE yourself.  Life is too short to live the blame game.  By choosing to live inside your circle you are really acting like a victim.  Your are unconsciously or consciously saying to yourself, “I am too bad.  I am worse than anyone else.”  Those words are selfish and foolish.  Get over your self and VINDICATE yourself in order to live free. Act today. 

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