Wednesday, July 23, 2014




Yes, QUILT.   Do you have a favorite QUILT in your closet?  What makes that QUILT your favorite?  Was it the person that made if for you?  Or, if you purchased the QUILT, is it the theme or the colors that attracted you. Some people are talented and enjoy the art of QUILT making and others of us admire his/her art but feel as if we just cannot make something that is so intricate and time consuming.  That may very well be the case but today I want to introduce an art form of QUILT making that each of us can do.  Get an 8 ½ by 11-inch piece of paper and one side; write a list of 19 things for which you are thankful.  Once, you have reached 19, quit.   Look at the words you have written and allow your feelings of gratitude remember a situation that is connected to each word on the list.  Next, you have a choice of two options.  If you have a bunch of magazines at your disposal, some glue and scissors then search the magazine for pictures of each of your words on your list.  Once you collect 19 pictures (not the written words-only pictures) then carefully glue them on to the front of the paper creating your own QUILT of gratitude.  If option #1, sounds tedious and too much trouble, no problem, then choose 19 different colors from a crayon box and color and create a shape and color it in until every inch of your paper is covered.  Viola, you have created a QUILT of gratitude and practiced mindfulness at the same time. 

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