Tuesday, July 8, 2014




Do you know that you do not have to take the bait in a conversation that can potentially lead to an argument?  You can actually BYPASS situations that can lead to chaos, arguments, and unnecessary grief.  In road construction a BYPASS is built in order to manage traffic congestion allowing traffic that has no need to travel through the center of town.  It is possible that you spend much of your time and energy exhausting yourself in someone else’s drama, chaos, or problem when you could actually BYPASS it all together.  If you have children you are granted many opportunities each day to BYPASS a conflict by not engaging in the constant demands to know why or why not.  BYPASSING situations that can entangle you takes wisdom and foresight to think ahead and ask yourself some important questions about your current situation.  BYPASS situations that are going to make you fret or upset afterwards.  Do you really need to share your political or religious opinion with someone you know already is on a different page or even a different planet that you are?  What is the point?  What do you really gain? Political or religious dialogues are for those of similar interests or have an open mind to discuss certain points of view.  For instance, two political liberals might discuss the pros and cons of the potential candidates, but there is no reason for a conservative and a liberal to have a discussion.  Minds are already made up so BYPASS the rhetoric and engage in topics of mutual interest.  

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