Wednesday, July 9, 2014




Where in the world did you get the belief that change is hard?  The one thing that makes CHANGE hard is your underlying belief that CHANGE is hard.  CHANGE in and of itself is maybe inconvenient or uncomfortable.  If you decide to CHANGE clothes in the middle of the day, perhaps you make more work for yourself but do you feel more comfortable after you CHANGE your clothes?  It is probably good an idea to CHANGE into a swim suit before jumping into the pool; but is that CHANGE all that hard?  So what story have you been telling yourself about CHANGE?  What is it that you want to CHANGE?  First define exactly what you want to CHANGE.  Now, ask yourself what is it that you need in terms of resources to make that CHANGE.  How and when are you going to acquire those resources?  When are you going to start working toward your goal of CHANGE and when is the completion date for CHANGE?  I promise you there will be no successful CHANGE with out a deadline. Humans are designed to take the path of least resistance, so ask yourself what prevents you from reaching your goal of CHANGE?  What will you have to do to illuminate, reduce, or Bypass the obstacles in your way of CHANGE?  CHANGE is fun.  CHANGE your hairstyle and notice how that makes you feel different, even younger.  CHANGE is a way of breaking free from old ruts.  Try CHANGE this week in playful ways and notice the difference.  

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