Monday, July 14, 2014




Oh my, what is the difference between the four letter word HELP and the four letter word GIVE? Clearly the words are similar.  They both require compassion, kindness, and mindfulness.   The Twenty-Minute Coach invites you to think about the word HELP as something that really needs to be done.  If someone has fallen then he/she will appreciate your HELP in getting up. When you respond to a disaster situation with physical labor then you are HELPING verses just giving money.  The giving of money, of course, is HELP.  HELP is action that requires you to do something outside of your normal routine and giving is something you practice at least during the holiday season.  How do you HELP?   How do you go beyond what is expected of you and HELP your family and friends?  How do you HELP strangers?  First and foremost, HELP yourself.   Self HELP means going out of your normal and natural patterns to actively participate in changing something to HELP your life better.  HELP also allows us to feel good about our actions of compassion and kindness.  It is important to acknowledge that you are not alone on this planet and reach out to others to ask for HELP.  Asking for HELP is not sign of weakness, it is an act of courage to acknowledge that you can’t do everything all by yourself.  Allow others the gift of feeling good about themselves by allowing them to HELP you.  I am asking for your HELP.  I want 500 likes on IN A MOMENT’S NOTICE page by the end of July.  HELP me by suggesting to your friends that 

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