Wednesday, July 16, 2014




JUXTAPOSITION is often contrasting positions placed side by side to explore the similarities and differences.  For instance what is the JUXTAPOSITION of kindness and compassion.  Without much reflection we often think of these two words as one in the same.  But even though they are similar they are not the same.  Kindness is often an action of compassion, something people do out of an inner space within of compassion.  Compassion is an attitude of empathy, where the compassionate one is able to place his/herself in the same shoes of someone else, even those that in most incidences that would cause inner disgust such as a murderer.  Compassion in JUXTAPOSITION to kindness is a parallel track, an inner experience of the outer expression of kindness.  It is difficult to observe the similarities of subtle differences unless we place words, thoughts, feelings, and/or actions side by side.  A JUXTAPOSITION of hatred might be racism and a JUXTAPOSITION of war might be economic gain.  By examining issues via JUXTAPOSITION we enlighten and educate ourselves in various schools of thought empowering our brain to make valuable and healthy judgments.   As you discover the power of mindfulness allow yourself to explore side by side the JUXTAPOSITION of good and evil; rich and poor; and smart and ignorance.  Then explore the JUXTAPOSITION of fear and bravery; courage and action; or love and caring.  JUXTAPOSING words next to each other help us live more meaningful and mindful daily lives.  JUXTAPOSING words is also a mental exercise that enlightens. 

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