Sunday, July 27, 2014




“May I be uplifted and experience the root of uplifting.”  That is how simple Buddhist prayer becomes and notice that it begins with the most important person in the world-YOU. If you don’t have ‘you’ then you have nothing.  If you are walking around down in the dumps, dissatisfied, and unhappy then within a very short period of time you are not going to be in a position to UPLIFT anyone else.  You must UPLIFT yourself.  Today do actions that are going to help you UPLIFT your spirit, your energy, and your mood.  To UPLIFT means to come along beside and lift to a different space.  As a child perhaps the adult UPLIFTED you from the ground to his/her shoulders in order for you to see the parade, the fireworks or the clowns.  That UPLIFT provided you with a boost of excitement.  The world became immediately interesting and you were able to see things that you could not see or understand from the point of view of three feet off the ground.  UPLIFT yourself today.  Seize the day.  Stand on the desktop and view the world out of your window from an UPLIFTED perspective.  By changing your view you are able to change your perspective and those put positive energy into the world.  UPLIFT yourself first then you will have the energy to come along side a friend or colleague and UPLIFT him/her when they are feeling down or are in a complaining pit.  UPLIFT him/her out of the pit once you are firmly UPLIFTED from your own emotional malaise. 

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