Tuesday, July 15, 2014




It still amazes me how synchronicity seems to be guiding this process of the TWENTY MINUTE COACH.   INITIATE is an action verb.  INITIATE, start, begin, or launch something new in your life.  It is the middle of the summer, it is hot and it is time to do something new.  The TWENTY MINUTE COACH has been talking about giving and helping, so why not INITIATE a new way for you to practice giving and helping others.  It usually feels good and boosts your mood if  you give or help someone else.  What can you do today to INITIATE a personal way of helping and giving? Perhaps you volunteer already, but after awhile the same old schedule often becomes dusty from routine and you find yourself not receiving the joy that you did once upon a time.  There is a time and season for everything is not just a poetic quote from the Bible, but it has proven to be true time and time again.  Nothing lasts forever.  The energy that INITIATES new ideas, goals, plan, and hope does not always hang around at the same level. Energy ebbs and flows.  If the energy in a situation has waned, then re-access the situation and INITIATE some form of change.  Don’t let energy get stale.  INITIATE new ideas to old plans or INITIATE a brand new change.  Do not settle to just get by.  INITIATE a sense of pride and accomplishment in your daily life.  INITIATE an intervention of change early on and tweak it as you proceed.  

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